Christmas Prezzies!

The last few weeks have been a crazy sewing frenzy around here — my side of the family decided to do a handmade Christmas and I had so many projects going I had no time to blog. We’re feeling alot better too, so that’s helped alot.

So now that the Twelve Days of Christmas are here (we’re on Day 3 for those of you keeping track), I’m going to show off a few of the presents I made. These were for mom:

Pattern: Heather Ross UPDATED (11/10): This pattern is no longer available from the original link I provided here; it can now be found in Heather’s fabulous book, Weekend Sewing

Fabric: Heather Ross Mendocino (outer), purple fleece inner
Modifications: The first time I made this pattern I found that the heel was too short (they slipped off the back of my feet), so I added 1″ to the inside edge of the slipper top. I also used the “trick” from last time of sewing both inner and outer soles on and then turning the slipper inside out at the end instead of hand-stitching the outer sole on.

Also I made the pattern longer. It runs small not to mention Dutch women have the largest feet in the known universe.

Merry Christmas Mom!


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More clothes for Elliot

I’m afraid we got the ick over here. AGAIN. This time it seems to be really hanging on, so not alot of sewing to report I’m afraid. Most of the projects lately have been of the “oh the baby needs clothes!?” variety.

Above are a couple of onesies I stenciled so he’d have something to wear with the pants I made (here and here). I love designing stencils for onesies. It’s a good family activity with the holidays coming up and all, although it helps if your family has some rudimentary artistic ability. I’ve also heard of people doing these as a baby shower game alternative, which I bet would be great fun.

Another necessary project as the weather got colder was making a hat and mitten set for Elliot. He calls the mittens “mitts.” As you can see I may have slightly mis-positioned the neck strap — it tends to slide up over his mouth. Oops.

The hat is lined with the same off-white knit I put inside the green hoody, which adds some nice poofiness to the pompom. No pattern for this hat, although if you want to make something similar I would refer you to the Voor Nop patterns on the left sidebar — she’s got a nice hat pattern in there somewhere that’s super easy. For the mittens, I traced E’s hand and made a mitten shape slightly larger (make sure to make the thumb nice and fat if you try this) and then added an inch to the bottom for elastic casing. Not the best mittens out there, but they work.

Other random stuff:

– Thanks so much to all of you who volunteered serger info on the last (real) post!!! I think I have one picked out.
-The Itty Bitty Baby Dress Pattern is not up yet. Stay tuned.