Christmas Prezzies!

The last few weeks have been a crazy sewing frenzy around here — my side of the family decided to do a handmade Christmas and I had so many projects going I had no time to blog. We’re feeling alot better too, so that’s helped alot.

So now that the Twelve Days of Christmas are here (we’re on Day 3 for those of you keeping track), I’m going to show off a few of the presents I made. These were for mom:

Pattern: Heather Ross UPDATED (11/10): This pattern is no longer available from the original link I provided here; it can now be found in Heather’s fabulous book, Weekend Sewing

Fabric: Heather Ross Mendocino (outer), purple fleece inner
Modifications: The first time I made this pattern I found that the heel was too short (they slipped off the back of my feet), so I added 1″ to the inside edge of the slipper top. I also used the “trick” from last time of sewing both inner and outer soles on and then turning the slipper inside out at the end instead of hand-stitching the outer sole on.

Also I made the pattern longer. It runs small not to mention Dutch women have the largest feet in the known universe.

Merry Christmas Mom!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Prezzies!

  1. I’ve done the handmade Christmas thing isn’t it both exhilerating and exhausting? I love how that ribbon makes the colours in the fabric pop out of the yellow background!

  2. Just found your blog and I have to say I love these slippers! Unfortunately the pattern is no longer available online…could someone send it to me??

  3. I am just learning to sew, I have a grand daughter that will be 2, I am trying to find easy patterns as I am not very good yet. I have only made one pair of pj pants for her. I love your toddler dress.

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