Christmas Prezzie for Kricket

Warning: There’s alot of randomness in this post but I’m just going to go with it because it’s late…

That person in the picture above is my baby seester Kricket. Isn’t she beautiful? She is wearing the shirt I made for her for Christmas. When Krick was little her favorite color used to be orange. Don’t you hate it when people remember one thing about you from a really long time ago and keep giving you things like that even though you’ve stopped liking it? She liked it anyway, even if her favorite color is currently green. I think?

After making this top I wanted to keep it for myself but I didn’t. Just thought I’d throw that in too.

In this horrid bathroom-mirror shot you can see the puffiness in the sleeves and a wee bit of our toilet and that I’m wearing red pants. Which actually looked pretty awesome. But maybe not for going out in public.

Pattern: A combination of McCalls 5388 (View D) and the basic t-shirt from Built-By-Wendy’s SEW U Home Stretch. The bottom half and sleeves were the from the McCalls, the top half was the BBW. I just laid the two pattern pieces on the table with the underarm corners overlapping and traced them onto the fabric.

Modifications: I added pleats in the front and in the back, added a piece of bias tape to the inside for the elastic casing all the way around, added a folded piece of rectangular fabric to the neckline to create that cowl-y look. I think that may have been 8″ wide (to make a 4″ neck folded).

And since it was all knit I didn’t have to do any hems — I just let the fabric roll up on it’s own. I found this fabric in the sale section at JoAnn. It’s a nice heathered orange that reminds me of Tang.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Prezzie for Kricket

  1. Are those pintucks? I didn’t even know you could do those with a knit. I love the style of the shirt – very vintage-y.

  2. she IS beautiful! hotcha wotcha!
    yeah, i think green is my favorite now….but tang comes in at a close second.

  3. Wow, I love it! I have a whole shelf of knit fabrics that are waiting to be made into something. I still am a little daunted, however, with working with knits. Thanks for the inspiration!

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