12 thoughts on “Christmas prezzie for Mom

  1. No kidding! This is great, how do you come up with all these ideas?? Love the shirt, fits your seester like a glove, too!

  2. So I do not have a tutorial for this — it actually started out as a simple concept and morphed into a bear of a project requiring many rips and redos. As a result I did not write much down and will probably not make another one. (:

    I did get the scorch-proof fabric at JoAnn. They store it behind the cutting counter so you have to ask for it nicely.

  3. Oooh!! I just found your little corner of crafty cyberspace and I’m definitely bookmarking! I am checking everyday until your itty bitty dress is back–I have a 1-year-old, but I will try the enlarging idea and let you know! Love the cloth shoes, love the shirt you made for yourself (brown with cream design–mind sharing that pattern, or even how you make up your own patterns?) loved the birding bag for dad, the stenciled onsies–oh wait, I loved it all!!!

  4. This is absolutely the best thing ever! I am totally making one for me and my mom this year. She makes the best green bean casserole to bring at the holidays, and she always just wraps it up in towels. She’ll love it. Thanks for showing us the photos!

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