Knitted: Tomten Sweater and Toddler Mittens

Due to the extremely cold temperatures around here (have I mentioned how COLD it is here in Michigan yet? Oh yes, now I see that I have…), sewing hasn’t been as high on my priority list as knitting, which is a relatively new hobby for me. I’ve made the occasional washcloth or scarf, but nothing this serious until Elli started making a Tomten for Elliot and I got The Bug. It just looked so simple and cute, which is of course the huge draw of Elizabeth Zimmerman. A big part of it for me was the idea that it knits up in one piece and then you just sew the underarm seams.

Pattern: Tomten by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Yarn: 4 skeins Jo-Ann Sensations Dolcetto (body) and tiny bit Shepherd’s Wool (trim)

Needles: Size 9 (unlike Elli who cast on 88 sts and ended up with a 18-24 mo size, I cast on 104 sts and ended up with 2T)

I realize it’s a serious knitting faux pas to use such a nice yarn as Shepherd’s Wool only on the trim of the sweater. But in my defense I didn’t realize that the yarn store just blocks away sold it until I was looking for a nice contrast trim after I’d already knitted the entire rest of the sweater. Now I can make something else with the rest of the skein! I’m pretty geeked about Shepherd’s Wool is because they make their yarn in East Jordan, Michigan, which is literally minutes away from my Aunt Jan’s house (field trip, Elli?).

I also realize it’s kindof cheating to crochet the trim and totally avoid having to knit buttonholes. I used three rows of half double crochet around the hood and buttons, and two rows around the end of the sleeves. In the end I like how it turned out totally different from Elli’s and doesn’t look TOO much worse, although it’s pretty obvious from my bubbly garter stitch who the more experienced knitted is. The other nice thing is that they are totally different sizes. This one will probably fit Elliot next fall.

Since I’m on the knitting thing here, I thought I’d post a picture of my first DPN project, the Toddler Mittens from Knitting for Babies, one of a bunch of knitting and crochet books I received for Christmas last year and have slowly gotten around to trying.

The yarn is also Jo-Ann Sensations Dolcetto, but in yellow rather than green.

Don’t look too closely there…you would never guess that these two came from the exact same pattern..but hey not bad for a first try at knitting in the round, right?

15 thoughts on “Knitted: Tomten Sweater and Toddler Mittens

  1. oooh first one to comment!
    Ok, so… It looks like you’re a natural, this jacket is amazing! You guys have a serious crafty gene in the family

  2. SQUEE! I love that you are knitting, since I found your blog via Elli’s blog!

    And I think the idea of double crochet for the edging is a smashing idea. Even though I’m an experienced knitter and button holes are hard, I have issues finding the right buttons to fit the holes. This is a sweet idea.

  3. Yay! great work all around. The sweater is adorable and I just love the colors. Can’t wait to see what you cast on next.

  4. You cannot be an occasional washcloth/scarf knitter. I’m an occasional washcloth/scarf knitter and I couldn’t do that. Wow, that looks great! Great colors too.

    I took the plunge and bought a sewing machine!

  5. Oh, need to give the yellow mitten some love too. They are too cute. I love yellow!

    Your skills are amazing–can’t wait to see other knit projects you accomplish.

  6. That Tomten looks fabulous! How fun to find a post about KNITTING Made by Rae!

    BTW at the huge knitting guild I attend the most prolific and talented knitter spoke last month about the superiority of crochet over knitting for button bands!

  7. ok. i’m TOTALLY impressed! i started learning how to knit at christmas. i bought a book. so far, i’ve got a rectangle. i don’t get it. there must be a learning curve. i can do the 2 stitches, but it’s all so confusing! i just don get it.

  8. So lovely. The all-in-one process as well as the crochet trim you added made me think of the sweaters my mom crochets. I’ve tried one myself but like hers better — unfortunately, she just “makes it up as she goes along” so there’s no written pattern to follow.

    Someday I’d like to learn to knit!

  9. I just got sent the link to this blog recently by my sister. She made the itty bitty dress and it was fantastic. I was keen for the pattern…

    …No pattern yet but I found a whole lot more on your blog to inspire me and keep me busy in the mean time! I love your tree skirt and am planning one for next Christmas…and this latest creation of yours is great.

    I am a knitter and am always looking for something new to try. Love that this tomten is knitted in one. I suspect you won’t look back now that you can add knitting to your list of abilities!

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