Look what I did this weekend

I would like to mention how comforting it was to hear from all you “rippers” out there after my last post. In fact, no one who commented placed themselves in the “organized-perfectionistic sewing” category. Everyone who weighed in was of the sew-a-little/rip-a-little disorganized sort. Not sure what that says about you guys…perhaps the “do-it-right-the-first-timers” can’t even stand to read my blog? Heh.

This is the “I’ll have one of everything bag” from Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner. I just got this book for Christmas and this was my favorite project in there so I spent the weekend working on it.

: : back side: :

It’s appealing because you get to use up scraps. My scraps were mainly Amy Butler, but there’s a little Heather Ross in there on the back side because I ran out of the pink coriander from the front. Amy Butler fans will also note that there’s a scrap from Gypsy Caravan and Temple Flowers in there too. *looking pleased with self*

Here’s the book. I love Anna Maria Horner’s color choices. They’re so perfectly warm and bright.

This was the inspiration picture. I love this color combination too — it’s nice and mellow so the bag stands out but it’s not too much. That’s actually my only worry with mine…is it a little too crazy bright? I was just such a fan of the bright pink and turqoise combo that I just went ahead with it anyway.

The only change I made to the pattern was using cotton flannel instead of interfacing. The only other thing I’d change next time is I think I would make the opening a little bigger. For a bag this size, it’s nice to be able to carry large stuff in it (books, knitting projects, rutabaga) so I think the opening needs to be a tad bigger. I’d go back and change this one, but that would mean ripping more seams…

7 thoughts on “Look what I did this weekend

  1. I think it looks great! I’m the say way though…I love sewing bright and colorful fabrics…but for me to wear and such, I’m a little more subdued. I just got that book for Christmas also and that is one of the projects I hope to make.

  2. Oh, that’s such a gorgeous book. I drooled over it in Borders this weekend… so many beautiful projects in it!

  3. This is great! The bright turquoises and vibrant color combos are actually what I love about your style, so I say trust your instincts and keep doing what you’re doing =)

  4. I have this book…but i’m so intimidated! How difficult would you rate this pattern? Easy, beginner, intermediate, expert?

  5. Sonia: I would say this pattern is pretty easy to follow if you read the directions carefully. It could be done by a careful beginner sewer, although it’s probably easier if you have some experience with curved seams and following patterns. It’s not that difficult, but still a little more complicated than making a sling purse or something like that.

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