Veggie Shirt for Elliot

For Christmas this year I received a serger (cue cheering) from my mom- and dad-in-law, who were happy to give it although they were a little confused about what it actually was.

So here’s one of my first projects, a knit shirt for Elliot:

The fabric is knit jersey (so: different on the front than the back, unlike interlock knit which looks the same on both sides). The orange pieces were scraps leftover from Kricket’s Christmas top.

It looked a little boring, so I stenciled some veggies onto it to make it cuter and distract from the inevitable food stains toddler wear seems to attract:

:: Shirt in action ::

Here’s the lovely piece of equipment that made this all possible, a Brother 1034D. Some of you may remember my request for serger suggestions. A few of you (Wonder Woman and Liz) suggested a Brother, so I looked at the reviews and went with it! This one has two needles, four spools, and overlocks but does not coverlock (see the comments in that linked post for the difference between the two).

And for those of you still wondering what the heck it does, I won’t go into all the details, but one of the things it has is two feed dogs (those movey things that make the fabric go forward under the needle) instead of one like a normal machine. This means that when you are sewing knits, you can make one of the feed dogs go faster than the other one, which prevents puckering, a very common and frustrating (!) problem when sewing knits.

15 thoughts on “Veggie Shirt for Elliot

  1. Love the stencils! So, umm….will you teach us how to use it? 🙂 I got the same machine for Christmas from my wonderful parents…and it’s still sitting next to the couch, where I unwrapped it. I’m absolutely afraid of that machine!

  2. I want a matching one! Except maybe without the turtleneck. And with proportionally larger veggies. You do nephew-auntie matching outfits, right?

  3. You will become a serger addict in no time! I don’t know how I ever survived without mine. 🙂 The shirt is very cute – love the veggies!

  4. Heeeyyyyy- new toy. Congratulations on not only receiving it but also turning out such a professional-looking and supercute garment! The stencilled vegetables are so, so cute!

  5. Great shirt and the stencils are adorable.
    I just walked into local sewing/vacuum store to see a sewing machine. The $99 one in the window brought me in but the lady showed me a $399 one. Sewing seems like sooo much fun but that’s a lot of $$$ for a beginner like me.
    Love seeing all your creative sewing endeavors!

  6. glad you got the serger – it’s SO worth it! i love the veggie stencil too – and the neck on the shirt. i have a question though – maybe you’re really patient, but when i cut the design out of the freezer paper it always tears a little, or i have a difficult time making my straight knife cut nicely around a curve. any suggestions?

  7. Cool shirt! As always I love your stencils. Is that shirt meant to inspire him to eat his veggies??

  8. i have the same serger. i am scared to try it out. was it tough to get going? any advice? it has been sitting in the box since CHRISTMAS!

  9. i think this is so cute! unfortunately, i cant seem to find freezer paper in England. i found it is grease proof paper here, but ones i have bought aren't the same, they dont have that waxy backing and it is brown. might have to keep searching!

  10. seeing that you have the same serger I do makes me feel less inferior. Someone as great as you, I thought, would have to have something way more fancy schmancy. I must have done okay picking this one, then!

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