Zig-Zag Inspiration

I don’t think I’ve ever done a random compilation here but I’ve been seeing the ZigZag all over the place lately and love it. I thought if I put up these pictures it would guilt me into actually doing the project that’s been in my head for the last week.

1. Zig-Zag Quilt, 2. Front of zig zag quilt, 3. Zigzag-Quilt, Detail, 4. Zig Zag Quilt from Purl Bee , 5. Henny’s Quilt from Hillary Lang, 6. mendocino zigzag

I’d also like to mention that the bottom left photo, while linked to some random person’s Flickr (where I found it), actually originated at the Purl Bee.

5 thoughts on “Zig-Zag Inspiration

  1. I have been so tempted to make a zig-zag quilt too…..just have to figure out the exact dimensions.

  2. How funny — I’m in the middle of making a quilt with my mom for my brother… which was almost a zig-zag quilt! We thought we’d decided on a design (constellation), so we sewed a bunch of triangles into squares, then decided it looked a lot better on the drawing board than in real life. But we didn’t want to undo all our work so far, so started playing around and quickly discovered we could turn it into zigzags.

    We ended up going a different route because of our color scheme — quilt would’ve had VERY prominent brown stripes. (“Too Charlie Brownish” said my bro…)

    But it got me thinking that I’d like to do a zigzag one soon and your inspiration photos are great!

    So, come on! Get started already!!! : )

  3. I just stumbled upon the wonder that is the zig-zag quilt quilt last week. I’ve got my heart set on zig-zags for my boy’s bed, and now I’m questing for fabrics

  4. Thanks for getting the bitty dress pattern back up–I made one Friday night for a shower Saturday morning. Turned out sooo cute–everyone loved it. Of course I forgot to take a picture in my rush. Maybe I’ll run over to my friend’s house and ask her to take a picture with the baby in it! BTW, I tried to make some matching bloomer/diaper covers but didn’t have a pattern. I got out some that were in the closet 12-18 month size. I figured I would just make them “a little smaller.” They turned out to fit a doll! Any ideas on if anyone has a free tut on those? I hate to buy a whole pattern at Joanns just for the bloomers–but apparently I’m incompetent to make my own!

  5. I just had a similar conversation with another quilter. Zig zag is so ‘in’ right now, and I have no idea where the trend came from. But I do know that it is what I have finally settled on for my own bed. 🙂

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