Almost here…Toddler Backpack Pattern!

:: Now there are two! ::

So just popping in today to say that I’ve been working all week (remember, that’s in Toddler Time, meaning during naps and after bedtime) on the PDF backpack pattern, and it’s almost ready for sale. My guess is in the next day or so, so check back. I’ll also be selling the little yellow backpack pictured above if anyone’s interested; not sure we need multiple toddler backpacks around here..

So glad you liked them; thanks for all the kind comments! And someone must have linked to me today because gadzooks my inbox is full…

Oh and thanks to the Riesen family, I think my Russian translator has finally arrived:
(for those just joining us I was wondering what the Russian on the fabric said)

“It says: “The gingerbread man is twirling or turning”

8 thoughts on “Almost here…Toddler Backpack Pattern!

  1. Amanda from linked to you this morning with her buttercup purse. 🙂 It was very exciting. (Says a lurker who has made a buttercup purse but not yet taken any pictures.)

  2. You were also linked on the Disboutiquers Board. And boy am I glad you were! I love the backpack and will be buying your pattern. I just need to make sure that a folder will fit inside so my little one can use it for preschool. Thanks!

  3. Your backpacks are adorable. I made your Buttercup purse this morning and posted it on my blog. I love the purse!! Thanks so much. It was a great pattern.

  4. are you putting the backpack in your shop? I really would love to buy it! I want a cute one for my daughter for when she starts preschool in the fall

  5. Thank you so much for your buttercup bag pattern. It was written very clearly and accurately, and was very straightforward to make. I discovered the pattern on Monday, made it yesterday and am really pleased with it. I found it on handmade by Alissa. Thank you again for your hardwork and generosity, greatly appreciated by me!
    Your backpack is adorable. Although that looks harder to make than the buttercup bag, am I right?

  6. Jennifer,
    I am not sure if you are still interested in this or not, but the original backpack pattern (like alot of toddler backpacks) is too small to fit a 8.5×11 folder; however, I included instructions on how to make it a little bigger so that a folder would fit inside. Hope that helps!

  7. I have the same fabrics but I can’t do such beautiful things… I’m just admirative (is it correct in english ? but I think you know exactly what I mean ^o^)… It’s so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

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