Spring Top Sewalong: Call for Pattern Ideas

A few of you have asked about possible patterns if you are a beginner sewist. I usually make my patterns up, but you have to start somewhere, so here are a couple I think are pretty great:

Simplicity Built By Wendy 3835

Simplicity 3887 (warning: the neck is really huge on this one, so err on the side of smaller size-wise)

McCall’s 5388 (maybe try a Simplicity or Butterick before this one; it’s pretty easy but is maybe not the best beginner beginner pattern)

Generally, Simplicity and Butterick are the easiest of the mainstream patterns (but sometimes don’t fit as well), McCall’s is slightly more complicated (usually just more steps, not necessarily trickiness), and Vogue I usually only attempt if feeling very ambitious. There are also a ton of patterns in compilation books. One I’ve been wanting to try is the smock top in Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner which looks really easy.

I know there must be other really nifty easy-peasy patterns for beginners…so let’s hear other suggestions from the rest of you.

Other miscellany:

  • Here is the new Spring Top Week Sewalong Flickr Pool for those of you who would like to begin putting tops in!
  • I’ve gotten alot of questions about selling/donating the Buttercup Bag purses, so I’ve tried to make it more clear with a Terms of Use statement on the Buttercup Bag post. It pretty much comes down to: you may not sell Buttercup Bags, but you can probably donate them for charity, and just ask if you’re not sure!

10 thoughts on “Spring Top Sewalong: Call for Pattern Ideas

  1. Thanks so much for these tips. In all of my sewing frenzy of late, I haven’t gotten around to making anything for myself and all the patterns on the racks are a bit daunting.

  2. I already cut some linen to make the Trapeze Sundress from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book. I think it should be pretty easy for a beginner.

  3. Thanks for this but the thing is being from the Middle East i cant get patterns here.

    I have tried looking for online tutorials for a basic top but havent managed to find any.

    I would have ordered a pattern but it would take ages to arrive and the postal service sucks!

    Anyway i am still on the lookout hope i find something soon.

  4. I made the McCalls pattern you listed and the neck on it is huge too! It did turn out pretty cute though.

  5. You know … I personally love Vogue patterns. I think they aren’t as difficult as some people think. I mean, it depends, but … the freak-out ahead of time is far worse than the process.

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