You can do it! Easy Manshirt

On the topic of Spring Top Sewing, I thought I’d give out some pointers for an easy men’s top. It’s hard sewing for the man in your life when their clothes are, well…boring. All the patterns seem to be a variation of the same dress shirt, Hawaiian-style shirt, pajama set, or fleece pullover. There’s also a noticeable lack of guy-friendly fabrics in designer quilting fabrics, although it’s getting better for little boys. The patterns for menswear also seems ridiculously time-consuming. So last month when I was making shirts for Mr Rae’s birthday, I took Simplicity 4287 and streamlined it. I was amazed at how much time and sanity I saved with some easy alternatives to the traditional collar and button placket. You can do it too with just about any basic men’s shirt pattern!

Here’s how:
1. Cut out the back pattern piece, the sleeves, and the front, only instead of cutting out two front pieces, put the front pattern piece on the fold, placing the fold of the fabric along the mark on the pattern for “center line.”

2. Add a placket. The one pictured here was 11″x11″ for a men’s large shirt. Add buttons or snaps as you like.

3. Add a band collar: Measure around the collar, starting at the edge of one placket and ending at the other. Mine was 22″ all the way around. Cut a rectangle 4″ wide and as long as your measurement + 1 inch for seams (so mine was 4″x23″). Follow the flour tutorial to attach the collar, except ignore the part about the pleats and use the dimensions I’ve given here, not the ones she gives. Because you aren’t adding pleats, the collar will stand up on its own. If you have a thinner fabric, add interfacing to make it more rigid. I didn’t with this one, but I liked the lightweight fabric and wanted the collar to fall over on its own to give it a more casual look.

4. Add pockets if desired: I cut two 6″x12″ rectangles, folded each in half with wrong sides out, and sew all the way around the three unfolded sides, leaving 2″ open on one side. Clip corners, turn right-side out through 2″ hole, press, and sew onto shirt (I lined up the bottoms with the placket, 1.5″ away) along three sides, closing hole as you sew.

(bottom edge of shirt along side seam)

Finish shirt as directed in pattern (sew front to back at shoulders, attach sleeves, sew side seams, hem sleeves and bottom of shirt). I did however skip the notching detail at the sleeve if you happen to be using the same pattern I did.

I actually don’t know what this is (feel free to let me know if you see it available somewhere) but I do know that MI locals can get it at the Viking Sewing Center in Ann Arbor.

And here’s a new place online True Up was featuring a few weeks ago for good menswear fabrics: Bolt 44. I thought they had a pretty nice selection, so if you need a place to start for fabric that might be your ticket.

7 thoughts on “You can do it! Easy Manshirt

  1. Thanks for posting this shirt!

    The fabric rocks and if it’s woven not a print is probably Kaffe Fassett’s Two Tone Stripes.

    I love his wovens…they are so awesome.

    Online, Glorious Color has all his stuff.

  2. Hi there! I discovered you through the made for boys thing you are doing (and i love it!) and just fell in love with your kai shirt that you altered to have a placket and standing collar. I loved it so much, that I went out and bought the weekend sewing book just so I could use that pattern and make my son a shirt for st. patty's day. I also tried your tut for making a boy's shirt from a men's button-down, and failed miserably. I lined up the fronts along the button row as you had said to do, but when I had all the pieces cut out, the front pieces were much too small and didn't fit the back piece.
    So this time, before I cut ANYTHING (I only have half a yard of fabric!) I thought i'd ask you…when making the placket, you say to find the center front of the shirt and line THAT up on the fold. With Heather Ross's kai shirt, she doesn't mark the center front, but there is a row of button-markings. Do I just put the center of the X's on the fold and cut away?
    Thank you so much for your inspiration and tutorials, they are amazing!

  3. thank you for the amazing button placket tutorial. who knew there was an easy way to make plackets!

  4. I would LOVE to see the placket tutorial referenced here, but when I try to click to it, it tells me access is denied! Help! Is it still available?

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