SPRING TOP WEEK Day 1: Rae’s Pink Top

: : the lovely Kricket models again! : :

: : Akward bathroom mirror shot so you can see it on me (am 24 weeks preggers in this shot, taken a few weeks ago, but you can’t really tell…) : :

This top started out as a copy of the orange knit top that I made for Kricket for Christmas this past year. I botched the neck though and decided instead of the cowl neck to go with a plain scoopneck with ruffle embellishment. I also skipped the elastic at the empire waist, although I might end up going back and adding that when my girth becomes less pronounced post-baby (hopefully).

Here’s the closeup of the pleats and ruffles again. I used this technique to attach a 1″ strip of knit fabric around the neckline.

As I mentioned the first time I made this one, I combined a basic Sew Wendy t-shirt pattern (from the book Sew U: Home Stretch) with the sleeves and bottom (armpits down) of a McCall’s pattern (am link lazy; see the orange top link above if you want the exact number). I moved the t-shirt part over 3.5″ from the fold to make 7″ worth of extra fabric in the middle. That excess became seven 1/2″ pleats, and then I added the neckline and went from there. For a solid-color top, adding just a little bit of embellishment really changes the look!

The top went to Italy with me! Here’s evidence from the Vatican Gardens. Although is there not something about this picture that looks green-screened?

And you can see that Mr Rae does indeed wear his shirt, although the same cannot be said for little E, who screamed bloody murder when I tried to put it on him the other day. It’s not a total loss yet…we discovered that we can get him to wear things using Hulu clips of Kermit and Elmo as bribery. And a little part of me just died there admitting that outloud…

14 thoughts on “SPRING TOP WEEK Day 1: Rae’s Pink Top

  1. I love this top. It is absolutely beautiful! I’ve got to give something like this a try.

  2. Oh the top is lovely! How did you do the pleats, do you have a special foot or made them by hand? Btw, I’m loving your shots of Italy! I’ve been to Rome two years ago on my 30st birthday and before that I haven’t been there in ages which is a shame because I’m half Italian 🙁

  3. Oh that is such a pretty top – I’ve printed out your tutorial for the Sew Mama Sew spring top to make but now I’m in love with the pretty pale pleats and ruffle. Maybe I’ll have to give stretch sewing a go.

  4. Hi Rae! I just found your blog through the post of your super spring top at Sew Mama Sew. I love your blog! I went through ALL the posts and love seeing what you created. You are an amazing seamstress! I used to sew all my clothes years ago and just recently started sewing clothes again, so still feeling my way around. Your blog has been a great inspiration to me to try new designs! Thanks so much!

  5. Beautiful top, Rae. I love the soft pink with the ruffles. Do sew your knits on your regular sewing machine or do you have a serger?

  6. Love this top! The exact perfect amount of girly-ness without overdoing it. I have some knit fabric that is screaming to be made into something similar. You keep giving me too many ideas!

  7. How cute! And it looks so comfortable, too… soft and “giving”, KWIM? Essential for pregnancy comfort!

  8. A bunch of you have asked about techniques:

    Silvana: The pleats I just do by drawing a line down my fabric, folding the fabric in half, and sewing it down with a 1/2″ seam. This seems to make it nice and even. Then I draw another line and go from there…

    Bekah: I did use a rolled hem for the edges; I used to try and fold over the edges on knits and use my normal machine, but it was SO frustrating. A serger that does a rolled hem saves so much time when working with knits.

    Meg: I pretty much do the entire knit project on my serger now; the ruffle and pleats were done with my sewing machine, but all the seams were serged and the hems were roll-edged (with the serger)

  9. I love this one! It’s so pretty and girly! I might have to try this one asap! Loving the tops!

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