SPRING TOP WEEK Day 1: Your Creations!

Get ready for the first installment of the Spring Top Sewalong Tops! I am thrilled to see so many fabulous entries — already over 30 and it’s only Monday!!! I can’t wait to see more as the week progresses. To save myself hours of cropping/editing, I’ve made mosaic trios (I apologize in advance for any of the possibly unflattering autocrops), so click on the image to see larger; click on the links to see the blogs of the creators, details for each top, and be sure to leave them comments!

So let’s get to it! In no particular order, here are a dozen new Spring Tops:

LEFT: Ashley from Film in the Fridge (check out her amazing quilts) made the Summer Blouse from Weekend Sewing (by Heather Ross) with her own sleeve and neck modifications
CENTER: Linda from Sew Lind made the Ottobre Waterfall Blouse (Linda reminded me that it’s actually autumn in Australia right now so longer sleeves are in order!)
RIGHT: Edris from Creative Sewl adapted Simplicity 3887 and added her own neck embellishments

LEFT: Silvana from Miss Behave (check out her awesome “make something” posts for great how-tos) made two versions of the Summer Blouse from Weekend Sewing (stay tuned for version two later this week!)
CENTER: Karen from dari made an adapted version of Simplicity 2970 for a pashmina scarf-turned-top
RIGHT: Lulu from Gus + Lulu made a Spring Ruffle Top from my tutorial on SMS

LEFT: Jenny from thecreekhouse submitted this top of her own design with pleats
CENTER: Emily from thedabbler made Amy Butler’s Cabo Halter in a great vintagey print
RIGHT: Julia made Amy Butler’s Lotis Cami and tailored it using a tutorial for FBA

LEFT: Dana made New Look 6868 as one of her very first sewing projects in a bold spring print
CENTER: Meg from Fashioned by Meg made the Smashing Smock from Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner (this is going to be a popular look this week!)
RIGHT: Julie from Scribbles and Snapshots also made the Smashing Smock (two versions actually!)

Yay! You can go to the Spring Top Week Sewalong pool to comment on any of these lovely creations or to submit a top of your own. It’s not too late — submissions will be accepted until Thursday evening with a vote for Best Spring Top at the end of the week.

Didn’t see yours today? Check back tomorrow; I’ll be spreading out the tops over the week. Also, make sure that if you want it posted on the blog, you send me an email with your name, top info and blog link. I still have not received emails for some of the tops in the pool — please do that so I know you’d like to be featured on the blog.

Stay tuned for another post this afternoon with my top for today!

10 thoughts on “SPRING TOP WEEK Day 1: Your Creations!

  1. Wow I’m totally loving all tops so far! Great inspirations for my new found garment sewing love!

  2. You’ve inspired me to try sewing a top. I bought fabric and have a pattern ready. I won’t have it done in time for this week as my house is torn up for painting. But, I’m so excited. Thank you for the inspiration! It’s so fun to see all these great tops that people have sewn! Wow! I love the tutorial/directions you posted too…my daughter is planning to try to make that one.

  3. I am bummed to not be able to enter my top – I am going it alone on a simplicity pattern, get much of it done save for some finishing work and the sleeves and then the sleeves call for bias tape, which I’ve never used, and I have to go out of town. My sewing guru of a mom was out of town just when I needed her, so I won’t be able to complete my shirt until I return. I was so excited about this! I even have the Spring Top Week button on my sidebar. See for yourself!! Will send a pic when I return and complete it though…

  4. I am glad so many ladies into this. I hope to have mine done soon this is so exciting, this is actually going to be my first top using your tutorial 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing yours

  5. Rae – beautiful tops!!!! My sewing machine died in the middle of my first top – ARGH! New machine due in tomorrow, so hopefully I can finish up and email you something by the end of the week!

  6. Great post and pics! I followed some of the links, then went directly to Amazon and purchased Weekend Sewing! I’ve been on the fence about it and it pushed me over the edge! Yay!

  7. These are so inspirational! Thanks for featuring my top–I can’t wait to see what else is coming up this week!

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