SPRING TOP WEEK Day 4: Your Creations!

Here’s today’s Spring Top Week entries for your inspiration and enjoyment!

LEFT: Lorna of Lorna Doone made the Summer Blouse from Weekend Sewing
CENTER: Mette from Mammaumulius made a top from Danish magazine Ingelise 9/08
RIGHT: Layla from Carrotflowers made this top from a Japanese pattern book

LEFT: Su from Vively Online made a vintage Simplicity top
CENTER: Bekah from Bekahomeka made New Look 6179 in white eyelet
RIGHT: Sue from Berkshire Cottage made Simplicity 4589

LEFT: Mariana from Portugal of Mae da Mafaldinha made her own version of New Look 6677
CENTER: Cheryl of SewCanDo made McCalls 5050 with vintage 60’s satin fabric
RIGHT: Kristin of PajamaMama made matching tops for herself and daughter Belle with my SMS top tutorial

LEFT: Susan made Lila Tueller’s Funked Out Peasant Blouse
CENTER: Kate of Curiositys modified a SewU pattern and added embellishments
RIGHT: Ragnhild of Anti-nostalgic made a top from Burda WoF 7/2008

LEFT: Millie made Vogue 8390 in floral jersey
CENTER: Sinje from Mighty Mouse with a circle top (see her blog for the pattern!)
RIGHT: Silvana from Miss Behave with a second trapeze sunshirt from Weekend Sewing

LEFT: Another entry from Lulu at Gus + Lulu, a Spring Ruffle Top
CENTER: Bonnie from Fishsticks and Fries with her second entry for the week, a top of her own design
RIGHT: From Ragnhild at Anti-nostalgic, her top made from Simplicity 3835

LEFT: Bonnie from Fishsticks and Fries with her third entry of the week, a modification on her Emmy blouse
CENTER: Jessie of Tiny House made a ruffle top with my tutorial
RIGHT: Raesha made Simplicity 3835 with polka dots

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your tops (please, please: remember to put the pic on Flickr AND send me an email) for Spring Top Week! I will be closing the pool at 9 pm EST so don’t miss the deadline!

3 thoughts on “SPRING TOP WEEK Day 4: Your Creations!

  1. I love so many of these!

    I know I said I was going to play along but I hit a little snafu. Of course I waited until the last minute and then, when I was working away yesterday, I cut the fabric wrong. Devastation! Not fixable. POOP! Not even a strong enough word for how I felt yesterday. Next time.

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