Ack! More new fabric! Plus TIERED LINEN SKIRT

This came in the mail last week. My fabric stash is experiencing exponential growth before my very eyes. So I decided I needed to made some rules:

Rule 1: May only cut into one new project once another WIP has been finished
Rule 2: May only buy fabric when equal amount of fabric has been used up (scraps don’t count)
Rule 3: If cannot follow rules 1 or 2, find new bigger house for fabric stash.

So far I’ve been pretty good about only sewing my WIPs but it’s not great blogging as it’s mostly the boring stuff or stuff I got stuck on for some problem or another. But I am resolved!!! And very motivated, since I haven’t sewn anything for the new baby yet and I really really want to.

So since I finished the Octotunic (that was a WIP on my list), I got to start another project, a tiered linen skirt from Amazing Mae’s Tutorial which was so fun and easy I have to pass this along:

The pattern was from Traci of Amazing Mae who really is Amazing because she pumps out stuff like nobody’s business and it’s all cute, including this awesome tutorial. I made mine out of a nice lovely chocolatey linen from Sew Mama Sew with the hopes that it would function as a maternity skirt. Turns out my belly is too big/low, so it’s going to have to wait a little longer to be worn, but with the elastic waist it’s perfect for lounging around in the summertime. I had to change it a little (my strips were 10.5×23, 6×35, 6×42, 6.5×50) and was too lazy to do the drawstring but otherwise it’s the same great skirt. Timewise, it took me an afternoon and an evening to complete (would have taken me an afternoon if I didn’t have a toddler on Nap Strike that day). Put that woman on your subscription list and don’t look back!

UPDATED 4:45 PM: I realized I forgot to mention what the lovely fabric is up top there…I take it for granted since I’ve been drooling over it for the last few months that some of you may not have ever seen it before. It’s called Far, Far Away by the fabulous Heather Ross and it’s selling out very very quick as this is (I’ve heard) the last line of fabric she will be designing/selling. I’ve seen it at Sew Mama Sew and a bunch of Etsy fabric shops, so do a search for it and buy some right quick!

15 thoughts on “Ack! More new fabric! Plus TIERED LINEN SKIRT

  1. Oooh!!! I love this skirt. It didn’t work as a maternity skirt? That really sucks, it looks like exactly what I want to lounge around in all summer. *sigh* Can’t wait to make it! I also subscribed to Mae. 🙂

  2. Happy Friday Rae :).

    Love the skirt! Bummer that it doesn’t fit now, but having something fun post-baby is always a treat. And thanks for the new blog to read … just what I needed ;).

    I’d love it if you added my shop to your Buttercup Bag list. I’ve got two “Baby Buttercups” in right now and I’ll be making several “Mama Buttercups” in the next week or so. Plus I am always happy to do a custom order as well. I’ll e-mail you a blurb if you want one :).

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Your color of linen is so beautiful. It is such a perfect choice. I wish it would have fit for maternity – maybe we need to work on one that will. Plus, I love your tunic top that you have in your last post. That is beautiful. I wish I would have been sewing more when I was pregnant!

  4. I love that fabric! I like your rules. I think I am going to adopt them. Thanks for the link to the skirt tutorial too! (which is a great segue into my news!) I bought a new machine the other day! It’ll be delivered in another week or two! Since I am feeling more confident in my sewing abilities, I got a great machine! It has some of the functions of a serger, has 39 stitches, I can sew knits!, it comes with a bunch of different feet! It’s the Singer 2662. I am so excited! When I get the machine, I will definitely be making some clothes. This skirt is in the queue! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love your rules! Maybe I should follow them as well. 🙂

    Congrats on your gorgeous skirt!

  6. thanks for the tutorial link (i love tiered long skirts) and for the heads up on where to get fabric..i’ve been seeing it around in blog posts but couldn’t find it in a couple online fabric places I looked (i love the unicorn one).

    Hope your fabric stash plan works..I’ve tried to institute that too, but mine has recently exploded as my lack of sewing time hasn’t stopped me from picking up some new fabric the last couple months of my semester.

  7. Great blog. I just finished making your Buttercup Bag and I would like to be considered for your list of recommended sewers. Please visit my blog at Thanks- Gina

  8. Oh, if I could only make and follow rules for fabric…I think I actually need a 12-step program. And thanks for passing on the tutorial – I have been totally preoccupied with tiered skirts lately. Hope your pregnancy's going well! And thanks for letting us share your crafty journey. 🙂

  9. I just paid for the rights to sell the buttercup bag. I would love to be on your list for sellers.
    It's an excellent bag and I already have people wanting me to make it.
    I will get back to you with the information when everything is up and going.

    pebandpop at

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