The Clock is Ticking

I’m spending way too much time staring at this delicious fabric that arrived via post last week. I can’t help it. It’s just so beautiful. And the plans in my head: green for a shirt/PJ’s/baby-pris for Elliot, Navy for a Mr Rae dress shirt, yellow floral for a purse/bag for me (I’m pretty sure I need more of those), red for a swing top, natural floral for another McCalls 5388 for me (Presser Foot had such great versions I think I need to try another one)…and on, and on…

: : Do you think Anna Maria Horner called it “Good Folks” to distract us from the fact that it is PURE EVIL? : :

But as I look around the room I count at least nine projects that are in piles waiting to be finished, more than twice that waiting to get cut, and almost every piece of fabric in my current stash wants to get turned into something that’s still in my head. I wonder: how long, if I could sew full time and not just a few hours a day (during naps and after bedtime) would it take me to whittle all of this down to nothing? Maybe half a year? Who knows.

I just started my very last (hurrah!) graduate class for my masters degree last Monday. I’m so excited to be finished with that I could yodel. I’ve renewed my teaching certificate for another five years. We began renovating the basement last week to make more room for Elliotta (my MIL’s nickname…cute, eh?) upstairs. I’ve got so many irons in the fire and so little time. I feel like I’m on the Countdown to Baby.

That’s all. Just wanted to share my excess of fabric and deficit of time.

14 thoughts on “The Clock is Ticking

  1. i just got that same good folks print in the blue/green colorway (far left in your photo)…i’m using it in our new king sized stacked coins quilt, and i can hardly stand the wait (MUST–FINISH–OTHER–PROJECTS–FIRST!!). your plans sound divine, and i love your collection all together like that! dee-lish!

  2. Not to the same degree as you by a long shot, but there are many of us with excess fabric and lacking time. Yes, need more Good Folks…

  3. Oooh. I got fat quarters of Good Folks in the Adriatic colorway on Friday. I want to make some kind of quilt. I love it sooooooo much I’m going to have to get yardage. I think any of these would make a fantastic summer dress.

    Yes, I totally agree that it is pure evil!

  4. I feel your pain!!

    I can’t wait to see what you do create …

    And good luck on your courses … I don’t think I could write a college appropriate paper if my life depended on it these days. I could however, ace a Home Ec course :P.

    Happy Week!

  5. I very much understand. I was just feeling the same exact way. So much fabric, so many things to create, so very little time. So sad!

  6. Oh. Yeah. I have been dreaming and scheming about Good Folks for like, weeks. Cruising Flickr does not help the situation. Me wanty.

    Thanks for the great pattern tip-off! Historically I haven’t had much success with garment construction, but I’m trying my hand at the infamous Simplicity 3835 this week. Depending on how it goes, maybe I’ll give your cited pattern a shot.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Rae! Your fabric choices, as always, are divine. I wish I could help with the time deficit… if you find a ‘cure’ before I do, please let me know!!
    Warm wishes, Vikki 🙂

  8. That must feel so good to be in your last course for your master’s! I just finished up my last semester of coursework for mine and on to thesis work next semester. It feels so good, and I’ve been staring at my fabric piles (that have stacked up terribly in the last 2 years of my graduate work) thinking of all the things I want to make this summer. I’ve sworn off buying more fabric for a while….but we’ll see how long that lasts.

  9. definatly try one of those peasant shirts. i feel myself going back to it as a must all the time. in fact i think i am going to lengthen it and make a summer dress.
    and thanks for linking to presserfoot!

  10. ok, I’m not the only one who is mesmerized with her fabric…. I’ve bought yardage to put away and fondle occasionally, and fat quarters to actually cut into. I even have a yard of her oilcloth on my kitchen table and I love it! Please please make something with her fabric so I can get some inspiration to cut into mine! I actually have three original buttercup bags cut out of this fabric line….. I think they’ll look fabulous!

  11. Yep you’re right that’s why the fabric is named that but sooo lovely anyway .

  12. Adore your fabrics! I can’t wait to see all of those projects complete.

    I have this horrible problem of buying beautiful fabrics with a project in mind and then losing focus and deciding that I need to buy more fabric for a different project. My stash is growing faster than my projects are coming out. Ahhhhh…how do I stop the insanity??

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