Here are the winning tops from each of the ten groups in the Spring Top Week vote held earlier this week:

Row 1, left to right:
Layla, Kate, Brittney, Kate, Carrie
Row 2, left to right:
Sinje, Kelli, Cheryl, Meg, Astrid

Congratulations to those who won the first round! And even if you’re seething with jealousy, be sure to check out their blogs and leave them nice congratulatory messages.

So before I post the link for the final round of voting, let me clarify a few things:
I’m asking for a name and email address for each vote cast in the final round so that I can verify votes if needed and more easily delete duplicate votes (one vote per person, obviously). This is also to avoid potential votes cast by ones toddlers and/or cats and/or spambots. If you are casting a vote, you should be old enough/sentient enough to have an email address (although…do spambots have email?). Anyway, please know that I would never share your information with anyone or use it for anything other than voting data.

Voting ends Friday 11 pm (eastern time)(UPDATE: VOTING IS COMPLETE)

Isn’t it exciting (despite somewhat major glitches?) May the best top win!

4 thoughts on “TOP TEN SPRING TOPS!

  1. Yay, I’m so excited to be in the final 10! And the tops are all so gorgeous… A big thanks to you Rae for this awesome challenge, it’s been loads of fun!

  2. Wow! I am so flattered to be in the final 10! I completely forgot about when the voting was, so it was such a great surprise this morning to see my top up there:) Thank you!!

  3. Oh my, I had no idea! How incredibly flattering to be a finalist in such a group of lovely tops and hard work! I took notes of some patterns people made that were so inspiring I need to try them out.

    I just popped in so I could link to your blog, in my description of the ruffle top I finally completed. Rae, I looove the ruffle tute and I can’t wait to make the buttercup purse. You are the best!

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