The Cutest Monster…EVER.

Warning: This post contains copious amounts of Shameless Family Promotion. Proceed at your own risk…

Today Elli (my knitting-superstar seester) posted a new stuffed monster knitting pattern which when I saw I almost died of cute. Now I know that she suspects that I’m merely gushing over this latest creation in the hopes that I’ll procure at least one of these for my future progeny (specifically one expected in approx 9 weeks), and while that may be partially true, seriously, is this not one of the cutest softies you’ve ever seen? As our mum would say: “oh. em. gee. ” (She says this mostly to make fun of blog commenters, by the way. Please don’t feel self-conscious. I use it on half the comments I leave…). And did you see the THREE horns?

Aww!! It’s standing next to a watermelon! And the caption on her blog under this photo (which I stole from her) is hilarious. So go over there and take a look, and if you know how to knit you should BUY ONE. By the way she also makes lots of other patterns (many of which are free on her blog or can be found whilst perusing the pages of Vogue Knitting and the like). This one is another one of my favorites. Also for sale and v. cute. And besides, every good knitter knows you should be starting NOW on the knitted things you plan to wear next December.

Sidenote: At this very second I am pestering her on gchat but she is trying to purchase tickets to go to something called the SOCK SUMMIT (which made me almost go into labor right there…I was like “I’m sorry did you say the DORK SUMMIT? oops my keyboard seems to be malfunctioning…” Sometimes I really just crack myself up. And now every knitter who’s ever read this blog has just put me on the Official Knitting Hit List…wherein you meet your end with a size 2 DPN to the jugular) so you know she is truly Hard Core.

14 thoughts on “The Cutest Monster…EVER.

  1. You are just too stinkin' cute!! I love your blog by the way, you totally inspire me! Thanks!

  2. I thought about sending out my secret squad of Fair Isle knitting assassins (they come at night…mostly), but you did say nice things about my knitting so I'll grant you a pardon. Just this once. LOVEY!

  3. Very, very, VERY cute :o) I wish I knew how to knit! Lolo can make wash cloths…and that's all :O) Think I could convince her to try this? So adorable 🙂

  4. OK, I just saw Myrnie's comment. What can I say – great (twin) minds think alike. LOL

  5. You made me laugh so hard about the "dork summit" since I wanted to go there too. I just ordered this pattern. Can't wait to make my monster.

  6. I queued him up in Ravelry the second she posted about him. He is just too adorable to ignore. (I had almost forgotten you two were related…hahaha.)

  7. I didn't know we were due so close together. Tomorrow I'll be 33 weeks! We're having a little boy after our army of 3 girls. 🙂

  8. HA. That. is. too. funny. :P.

    You make me laugh. Your mom should be patting herself on the back … she clearly has crafty DNA running through her that she passed on to her children.

    Happy Week!

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