Wow. I guess I’ll take that as a "yes"…

I’m pretty sure that last post set some kind of record on my blog for most comments received in the shortest period of time. I’m going to go ahead and say that was an ENTHUSIASTIC response to the Lickety Split Bag. And for those of you who have been sending me emails like “how much is it” and “when can I buy it?”, the current status report on the Lickety Split Bag is: has been scanned, will be available for sale as soon as is reasonably possible (given my current state and situation), with an option for commercial licensing for those wanting to make/sell them. I’m excited about this. But then I’m also kicking myself for making more work in these last precious days…

Speaking of situation, our basement renovation is complete and I am now able to spend more time in my home as the fumes from the new carpet have slowly dissipated. Which is good because taking a toddler out of the house every day proved challenging. Mr Rae installed some surround sound wiring down there so the TV is goin’ downstairs and his dream of having the “Man Den” is finally being fulfilled. Not that we ever have time to watch TV, but when we do, man we are going to feel like we are right there. The old TV room is becoming the new nursery so I have my fantasy nursery all planned out in my head. Here’s one of my inspiration points for Baby #2’s decor:

I did a refurb on this vintage Irmi lamp I found on Etsy (unfortunately the lovely shop I purchased from is down to one or two Irmi items) by very carefully cleaning the figures and repainting the base. I rewired it and gave it a new lampshade and added pompoms. And if you think this one’s cute you should wait until you see the one I got for Elliot’s room.

Now finding cheap Low-VOC paint to coordinate is something that will probably only happen in another space-time. Should I buy the $56 per gallon uber high-quality Benjamin Moore Aura if it means I have to put the baby in a dresser drawer? Oh, the issues that have been keeping me up at night. At least I know what colors I want on the walls (warning: blurry sideways scan):

The light mango orange is going on the top half of the walls top and one of those celery greens is going on the bottom (there’s a white chair rail that divides the room). The dark red-orange is just an accent color for a side table. Many of you have asked if we know if it’s a boy or a girl and the answer is: YES! But that’s all I’m leaving you with (and those of you family and friends who know need to keep your mouths shut) since I think it’s more fun if it’s a surprise! So that’s all for now…

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  1. The Aura is totally worth it. We were debating for our apartment, and went with it based on rave reviews from friends. One coat. Great coverage. Seriously less time and stress and very little paint smell. There a few products I feel comfortable promoting (Lara bars, Annie's mac n cheese, Aura paint).

  2. Do you have any plans on selling a license for making/selling your toddler backpack as well?? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I love your bag and I'm now waiting patiently for the pattern. Oh so happy to buy it in any way it comes because it looks like such a winner. Also waiting patiently to hear news of your other lovely project x

  4. Well at least you're entering into the nesting phase, which means getting a lot done, right? ;).

    I think I'm guessing a girl, but can't wait to be surprised, fun, fun, fun!!

    Let me know if you need any help with the pattern, I knew when you opened it up for print, people were going to jump on it!!! You're brilliant, people want a part of it :).

    Happy Weekend!

  5. I used low-VOC paint that was NOT $56 a can…but it is made by SICO, and I don't think they market to the US. Which is too bad, b/c it is awesome paint. Maybe you can make a trip to Windsor?

  6. pretty! i so heart pompons!!! what a fun nursery – can't wait to see the finished product!

    my thoughts on the paint/crib sitch – do low VOC & save $ on the crib. it is estate/garage sale season & i bet you could find a great crib there or ebay for less $$ OR i have a couple of friends that got target cribs & have found theme to be just fine! if you buy a good matress, i bet it would work out fine!
    good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have the "Jack and Jill" nursery lamp and I collected the "mother goose" mobiles when I was pregnant. I even have a light switch cover. They are wonderful inspirations!

  8. Love love love the lamp! Just a thought on the mango color…I love that color and painted a similar one (called Chinese Lantern) on my bedroom walls a few years ago. Over time I realized I wasn't resting much, and didn't like spending time in that room. I wondered if the color was too warm and energetic to make for a peaceful place. Switched to a cool, soothing blue and now I spend more time in there. I don't know if an infant would respond in the same way but…it's something to consider! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Sorry for the delete. Wrong email!)

  9. I love your colors for your nursery! And I think we are all looking forward to ANY pattern you release for us. Maybe the Oceana bag?

  10. The Fresh Aire paint at Home Depot is actually a NO-VOC paint. Most "Low-VOC" paints have VOC-free base but the dyes have VOC. Fresh Aire has VOC-free dyes too. Pretty cool! And it is half the price of Aura. We have used it in our home and it's fabulous paint. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that helps.

  11. We just finished our nursery with the Benjamin Moore Natura paint which was No VOC, very eco and I loved it! It runs $49/gal, which still isn't cheap (I did have a 10% off coupon), but it's a bit less cost, is even safer & you can still get the exact same colors you're eying. Cleaned up super quick too since it's 100% acrylic instead of latex.

  12. It occurred to me on second glance that the stroller bag is totally the post that got me reading your blog in the first place! I tried my hand at a version of my own, but honestly, would much prefer to have you do the R&D on these great bags and then support you by buying the patterns. Fewer hours, less swearing, more cuteness.

  13. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

    kelly: probably not driving to windsor anytime soon…knowing my luck with border crossing customs would think I am storing illicit materials in my "belly" or I would go into labor on the bridge. Bummer b/c that paint sounds great!

    angie.a: I'm very interested in the wall color -> emotion thing, do you have a website or something where you can get this sort of info?

    alison: i JUST heard about Mythic paint today…need to check it out!

  14. hee hee… i know what you're having. glad to fall into the "family or friend" category even though we've never met ๐Ÿ˜‰

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