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This pattern is for the Lickety Split Bag previously featured here on my blog; it is reversible and can be easily sewn in just a few hours (or less!). It’s so versatile you’ll find yourself using it for everything: a book bag, shopping bag, stroller bag, diaper bag, and more! The four pockets are optional (and super-handy for keys, phones, or water bottles), and the adjustable tie strap allows you to get the perfect fit. It can be sewn on a regular machine or a serger.


  • 1 yard of quilting cotton for each side of the bag (or less; the amount of fabric you use depends on how you position the pattern pieces, which depends on how the design is printed on the fabric)
  • ric-rac or other trim for pockets (optional)

Body of bag: 18″ wide x 13″ tall at center
Overall height: 34″ total with straps untied, approx 26″ with straps tied


  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Color photographs to augment instructions
  • Hand-drawn summary sheet of instructions (a cheat sheet if you will…this is totally campy but totally me)
  • Complete set of full-sized pattern pieces (attach together before cutting)


Special thanks to Andrea, my good friend, fellow blogger, and sewist extraordinaire who reviewed the pattern for me!

Pardon my dust
I have worked so hard on this pattern and getting the instant downloads to work smoothly and properly, but as you might expect, problems can and will arise no matter how much testing you do ahead of time. Would you please let me know if you find mistakes, if something is unclear, or if I could make something better? I really appreciate your patience as I get all the glitches worked out.

Flickr Group
Lickety Split Photo Pool (add your pictures when you’re finished!)

36 thoughts on “Lickety Split Bag Pattern PDF

  1. DONE! I bought one already and am waiting for the pattern to download. I've been dying to make one since you first posted about it. Thanks a ton! So far no hitches in the whole process.

  2. Fabulous! Just bought mine and looking forward to stitching it tout suite! I know I said I had a very similar pattern. Turns out it's not so lickety split. Thanks!

  3. Yay! About time! Haha… just kidding. But guess what?? I had Baby Ben at 1:27 am Sunday! Yaaaaay! So I'll be getting to the bag EVENTUALLY. 😀

  4. Yay!!

    I've been waiting for you to get this one done. Have bought mine already.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  5. Yay! Thanks for the smile at the end of this looooong day! Bought, downloaded…can't wait to start!!!!

  6. I'm so freakin' excited to make this bag!!! I already have several fabrics I want to use!! Can't wait – thanks again for making another wonderful pattern to share with us.

  7. I can't wait to try my hand at this bag, having just mastered the buttercup bag (which my 4 year old thinks is the perfect size for her!) Love your blog!

  8. Well, look at you go! Hope all goes smoothly in this last little bit before the baby arrives 🙂

  9. Yay! I love this pattern, so easy! I bought it this afternoon and have 2 done already 🙂 They are so cute and have already received compliments. The instructions are super clear and the pattern is very well done! Thanks so much 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for putting this together – I'm sure it was a lot of work. I just downloaded it and I can't wait to get back from my errands to take a crack at it!

  11. Just wanted to let you know my 10 year old daughter helped me sew two of these last night. One was for her. It took us 1 1/2 hours. Not bad for having a helper! We love them. I plan on filling mine with all our goodies for the Harry Potter 6 movie today so we don't have to pay an arm and a leg at the theater.

    The instructions were very easy to follow. Great pattern!!

  12. Just bought the Lickety Split pattern…so excited! Thanks for making this available to us! And blessings on the upcoming birth of your little one!

  13. I snagged this right away and have already made a few for friends. They are PERFECT gifts! Now it's time to do one for myself.

  14. Hi there Rae – I just finished my first Lickety Split bag (the one you gave me has seen some heavy use since it got here) and posted it to the group here! Haven't blogged about it yet but I will – and I love the bag! I didn't have your measurements for pockets, so I had to wing it with those, but it came shopping with me today, and it did a great job! I interfaced it with sew-in interfacing to give it just a bit more body, and that worked great! Thank you so much for the pattern! 🙂

  15. WoooHoooo! Rae – I did it!!! I havent made anything for years! I started a quilt last January and am still making it (but that's cool, its not forgotten, just taking a while!)but other than that, its just been shortening my curtains! I made my bag with the offcuts of said curtains and some fabric I bought last year to start the quilt with (ended up buying a kit for the quilt cos I got scared!). Have to say that this came together like a dream. I cant wait to start decorating it – but could use it as it is now!

    thanks so much for sharing your skills with us all!

    PS will post it up soon – just need to go and do tea now!

  16. Rae Here is my post on my blog for your Lickety Split bag.

  17. I love this pattern! I have made many bags out of it, and had a sewing party where I helped my friends make their own bags as well. 🙂
    So… now I want to make bags to sell on Etsy, but I already own the pattern… so is there a way to buy the license to sell WITHOUT the price of the pattern? I'd really prefer not paying $12 on a license+pattern when I've already paid for the pattern…
    Let me know if there's some way for me to buy only the license. 🙂 Thanks!

  18. Hello 🙂
    I purchase the lickety split bag pattern about a year ago for my own personal use….I was wondering if I might be able to just pay you now for being able to make a few of them and sell them on my etsy shop? Could I send you the $10 extra dollars now to do that, or do I need to re-order the whole thing? Thanks so much….this bag is awesome!

  19. love this bag!! i was wondering if this is easy to make even for beginners. I have no experience sewing whatsoever and I don’t even have a sewing machine, but I am thinking to buy one just to make a bag for myself! Do you think I would be able to? If I purchase the pattern does it come with instructions on how to make it or it is just the shapes of the pattern?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Arissa,

      It is SUPER easy! I’ve labeled it “beginner”…really as long as you can read instructions, operate your sewing machine, and stick (more or less) to a seam allowance, you should be fine.

  20. I made the Lickety Split Bag this weekend and it came out fantastic! The size was perfect. I attached the four pockets in the vertical position and find them great for sunglasses, cell phone, pens and pocket calendar. I did add a button and loop, so it’s not fully reversible, but that’s fine with me. I really love the bag. Thanks, Rae!

  21. I made two of these in about three hours. Super easy and very cute! Can’t wait to make more!

  22. Just made this the other night. Um yeah, it’s pretty much my favorite bag right now. I love how simple it was to sew. I love the way it looks. I love the pockets. I love it’s versatility. Yesterday I used it as a market bag, then as a library bag. Today it’s been a purse. Who knows what it will be tomorrow 🙂 Thanks, Rae! I seriously freaking love this bag.

  23. I’ve made six now, given as gifts, and forgotten to photograph any of them.
    : (
    I haven’t put any pockets on yet, because I just can’t seem to make my own pattern without messing it up…tried once and it turned out skewed. Love the bag, though, without pockets. Everyone who’s received one seems to love them…thanks for a great pattern! I recall seeing that you’d done a pattern for a smaller version…for children? Haven’t found it on your website again so far, but would like to buy it as well…lots of little girls I know who would like it… thanks again. xx

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