Rae’s pattern in a Book and other updates

Some randomness today to prove I’m still here, puttering away…

New Book Alert:
The folks responsible for “One Yard Wonders”, a compilation sewing book due out this October, finally released a cover shot and a peek at some projects on their FB page this week so you can hop over and have a look! I submitted a couple of patterns on a whim last fall, and it looks like at least one got in (the summer nighty, below). YAY! I’m extra pumped because it’s got 101 (!) projects in it. SO appealing to the Dutch girl in me. I’m very excited and proud to say I’m going to be “published!”

: : A new pattern by me! In a book! : :

(Image by One Yard Wonders, Storey Publishing)

Paint: Thanks for all the Low/Zero VOC paint suggestions! I decided to go with both Aura from Benjamin Moore and Duration from Sherwin Williams (different colors from each). If I hadn’t been such a last-minute kind of person I would have tried out Mythic Paint’s “Endless Summer.” It’s so dreamy. I may have to find another room to transform just to try it out. So far I’ve only used the Aura in the nursery, but I have to say it’s totally amazing to only have to do one coat (plus a little extra brush touchup around edges). ONE COAT!

26 thoughts on “Rae’s pattern in a Book and other updates

  1. MAJOR MAJOR congrats on your pattern. Oh, to be published….
    A huge pat on the back to you!
    You deserve all of it!

  2. Congratulations on the pattern! Seriously exciting! For a minute there, I thought you wrote the book! Maybe next time!

  3. Wow, that book looks ridiculously cute! I will definitely be buying, and congrats on getting in it! I love your patterns and you so deserve it! Thanks!

  4. Just wanted to mention I saw a bag similar to your Lickety split bag being used on an elderly women's walker. It was no where near as cute as yours though.

  5. That book looks totally awesome and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    How did you get to 37.5 weeks? I swear just two weeks ago you were 24.

  6. Wow! Congrats on getting published! Thanks so much for making the patterns available too! 🙂

  7. Oh man.

    I am SO MAD AT YOU for even TELLING us about that book.

    I want it NOW and I can't get it until OCTOBER?

  8. Congrats, Rae! So, so happy for you! Your designs and patterns are excellent so they chose well to include yours!

  9. Dear Rae,
    big congratulations on your conribution! I love the whole idea of one yard/skein/…-patterns and will surely get the book as soon as it is available!

  10. Congratulations! You're one of two bloggers I read on a regular basis that are being published in that book. I may have to put it on my Christmas wish list. I love that nighty!

  11. I just wanted to say….that I think it's amazing how much detail you put into your blog…all the tutorials, pics, and updates on what you're creating! very inspiring! as much as I'm looking forward to the new bag pattern, I still am very impressed how much time and love you put into your site for all of us. Thanks so much!

  12. So cool at getting published…I agree–how did you get to the end already!!!

    Selfishly hoping the new bag pattern comes before your little one, but ENJOY your vacation! I am addicted to checking your blog!

  13. Congratulations on the pattern! You must be very proud…
    I made your pattern the ittybitty baby dress. I would love to make it in a size 2/3 but do not know how to enlarge it. Can you explain to me how to do that?

  14. Oooh, thanks for bringing that book to my attention! I am notorious for buying "just 1 yard" of a fabric to satiate my craving and then all i can think to make is lots of little bags. I'm looking forward to seeing your pattern!!

  15. Thanks for all the great info. With my 1st one on the way I'm seriously considering cloth diapers. They're way cuter and so much better for the environment!

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