Sewing for Baby: Cloth Diapers!

Now that the nursery is painted and pretty much ready to go and I’ve gotten much of the before-baby-comes stuff completed, I’ve been able to really dig into the baby sewing. It’s so relaxing and fun to think about the little baby who will wear all these teeny things.

We’ve been cloth diapering with Elliot since he was born and since he’s not yet potty-trained, and yesterday I ordered some more one-size diapers for the new baby to boost our stash. Am trying very hard not to think about having two in diapers. Cloth diapers.

Of course after talking to my friendΒ Cheryl about making diapers, I had to go home and try making some teeny-tiny pocket ones:

:: these are actually the same size; the velcro tabs are just in different places ::

This is certainly not my first foray into making cloth diapers; I’ve probably made at least 5 pocket diapers for Elliot over the past couple years, but they’ve all been bigger. These are definitely newborn sized.

I have used just about every kind of cloth diaper there is: prefolds with covers, fitteds with covers, one-size pockets, all-in-ones, wool soakers, but my personal preference (as is with many many others) is for the one-size pockets. I love that the inserts come out, they adjust and get bigger as your baby grows, and you can “load” them up when you’re folding laundry so they’re ready-to-go when you need them.

Since I lack a plastic snap press ($$$), I can’t make them adjustable (in other words, not “one-size”…that’s confusing, isn’t it?) but I don’t really mind. I use waterproof PUL for the outside and microfleece for the inside. I buy 2″ velcro by the yard for the tabs and front. The inserts I use are the “extra” cotton inserts that comes with almost every one-sized pocket diaper you can buy, but you can also buy these separately (they are sometimes called boosters or doublers) or you can fold a prefold (the traditional rectangular dipe) and stuff that inside too!

A view of the pocket opening (with an insert inside) and the velcro tabs
The two I made last night next to a larger aqua one previously made for Elliot

Some of you are wondering about the pattern. The first few I made I just stretched out a purchased diaper on my cutting table and traced it to get the pattern. I did this with the diaper set to the snap setting in front that was closest to what Elliot was in at the time. This time I used a newborn sized cover, traced it, and then changed the shape a little so it didn’t have rectangular corners and it looked better.

I always write my pattern instructions right on my patterns so I don’t have to try and remember what I did each time.

Here’s a shot where you can see 1) the nursery colors (yay!), 2) my big big belly, and 3) just how teeny tiny these little dipes are!

Even more diaper blah blah

Part of the reason I use cloth diapers is because it makes me sad to throw disposables in the garbage and wonder how long that diaper will be there in the landfill along with those millions and millions of other disposables. And even though we use some chlorine-free disposables with E, I really hate to. I’ve read a number of places that when you factor in the energy costs to produce, wash and dry cloth diapers, it’s very close in terms of money savings. However, the fact that when you toss a disposable, poo goes in the trash rather than through proper sewage treatment methods is in my opinion enough to justify using cloth diapers alone. But ethics aside, Shallow Rae really just prefers cloth b/c they’re cuter. By ALOT.

Our faves:
I know someone’s going to ask, so the three one-size pockets that we use in our house are (and the order in which I prefer them changes constantly): Haute Pockets, Bum Genius, and Happy Heiny’s. Luckily, the inserts for all three of these brands can be interchanged with the others, so they’ve worked well together. HH’s are usually our night-time diapers.

What about accessories?
I also use Imse Vimse Liners (which you can wash and reuse a number of times if not soiled) in our diapers to make poo-disposal easier, we have a toilet sprayer, we use a basic white powder laundry detergent without dyes or enzymes, we have four hemp inserts (more absorbant) for overnight, and I’ve purchased a few wet-bags to store dirty diapers in when we’re out and about.

Cloth Diapering Information:
There are a TON of cloth diaper 101 sites out there to help those who are clueless. I found these type of websites incredibly helpful before I started. Here are just a few (FYI, most also sell diapers and may be/probably are biased):
Sunshine Diapers
Kelly’s Closet
Zany Zebra

If you have a cloth diaper information site or blog post, please feel free to post it to comments. However, please don’t post blatant advertisements or commercial links (they will be deleted).

I’d also love to hear from those of you who cloth diaper or who’ve made cloth diapers!!!

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  1. Thanks for the info! We just found out we are preggo with #2 and I have been considering cloth, so all of this is very helpful! Hope your little one comes soon, looks like you're ready πŸ™‚

  2. I loved this post. I am currently pregnant (29 weeks) with my 4th child and I also take care of my 4 month old granddaughter while her mom works. I have decided to go the cloth diaper route – since I am a little older and a SAHM…AND have seen how many diapers I go through with my granddaughter! I have purchased a couple of Kushies and several patterns and am trying to figure out what works best. What pattern and what fabrics…I feel as though I am on cloth diaper overload! I love to hear/read about personal experiences in this area so I really appreicated your post!
    Lori (

  3. Another cloth diaperer here. Your handmade diapers are adorable! I've been having trouble with my BG 3.0s – maybe I just need to make some of my own? I think your post has given me enough inspiration to finally try my own. Hope you're feeling well and able to squeak out a few hours of sleep a night:)

  4. I'm expecting #3 any day, and have been making diapers for her. This will be my first time venturing into cloth diapers. The desire to save even more money by making my own is what lead me into sewing!

  5. Hi Rae
    I also cloth diaper, and found a great source for a pattern. It's a one fits most pocket diaper that you can adjust to your needs. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and ideas. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes for your new baby. Mine turns one today…sigh…time slips away too fast.

  6. We use cloth here too and love the one-size pockets. We have the bumgenius and hh's too. Your handmade ones look great! One of these days I'll have to attempt that.
    You look wonderful! Good luck with the birth. I'm predicting boy…

  7. Thanks for the great info on cloth diapers. I love pockets too and now that is all I use. I've made my own too (with a borrowed snap press) and they are amazing. And you're right…so much cuter too!

  8. We love the Fuzzibunz 'round here…never got up the motivation to make my own. Yours are adorable and sweet! Having two (15 mo and 4 yrs) is kicking my —, but I'd never go back! Best of luck in the coming weeks.

  9. Cloth diapers = no experience by me, but I hope *if* there is a next wee one to diaper to look into it as a real possibility. I'm with you the "cuteness" factor is enough reason for me :).

    And I love the belly … Good thing we won't be meeting up any day soon or I'd freak you out by wanting to rub it ;).

    Happy Day!

  10. I don't know if you are interested, but I purchased some breast pads made out of that pul (?) fabric and lined with flannelette. They are so fantastic. After a very embarrising meeting where my milk leaked all through my tee shirt I wear them on work days! I don't know where to get that fabric in NZ but if I did I would definitely make some more.

  11. I'm a huge fan of Chloe Toes cloth diapers. Here's a rundown of what I've done:

    We've gotten to the point now where the overnight diapers + 2 lay-in soakers (made of hemp and microfiber layers) cannot hold a full night of pee (almost 14 mo old and sleeping 11+ hrs at night), so we're using disposables + g-diaper inner while I figure out what to do.

    I'm contemplating making pocket diapers for overnight. How much do you stuff the pockets for overnight use?

  12. You were such a huge help when we switched to cloth diapers, I'm happy to see an entire post for this! I love the diapers you made.

    We're cloth diapering our 10-month-old, but I still use a disposable at night or if we'll be out of the house for 3 or 4 hours. I have fitted diapers with covers. I never looked up the imse vimse, but just cut rectangles of fleece from my stash. They keep the baby's bum dry and happy, and actually catch most of the messes! We have a removable shower-head in our bathroom, so I can just spray off there and drop all the diapers into a pail to wash every other day.

    Whew. You know what? I think I need to write my own post, instead of pirating yours! You look adorable, and I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth. Happy nesting!

  13. Never used them, but yours are cute. You are ready to have that baby aren't you! You look great!

  14. Back in the day, before dirt was formed and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I too used cloth diapers and sewed some myself. I too stretched a commercial diaper and traced it.
    Yours are MUCH cuter though.
    I mostly used the type you had to fold. I used them for four of my six children. I never had two in diapers for more than a few months, we hurriedly potty trained the older one. The motivation was really there. On the last two children, I used paper. The reason was that they both reacted to the cloth ones with angry red allergic reactions. I didn't pursue the reason, I just gladly purchased diapers.
    Probably my favorite part of cloth diapers was hanging them on the line. They were the ones that were rectangular. The clean-smelling diapers gently moved in the breeze and the coolness that came off them on a hot day was so nice. Winter hanging was not as fun. They basically freeze dried. But I always did this, since I didn't own a dryer.
    I knew how to fold them back in the day. We used rubber pants to keep from getting anything wet, until we changed them and the old fashioned pins. I don't know what you young girls do now, but I LOVE what you have invented.
    I now have 12 grandchildren and two more on the way. What a fun time in life.
    Good luck with the baby. God Bless.

  15. I've used cloth on all 3 of mine. Went with Fuzzi Buns, because I didn't have enough time to sew when #1 came. And, they've lasted through 3 plus (friends have used them too). I just shake out the solids and throw them in a dry pail until it's time to wash. Then, cold water rinse, hot water wash with soap. I love that I've never had issues with diaper rash =)

  16. Rae- Your belly is huge! Enjoy the covers, and I have tons of other CD stuff stashed away! btw, it's really easy to make your own cute wet-bags, too! I'm happy to sawp tutorials… (: -Shannon Woodruff

  17. Those are so darling! Did you know they also sell snap pliars that work great that are only about $20. I bought mine from on online co-op…I'm not sure they are accepting new members right now, though. I have a little info on my blog about using wool covers…not much, though! πŸ™‚

  18. Cute diapers! I'm not sure if you know or not, but you can get snap pliers to apply plastic snaps and they are only $20! I had been wanting a snap press for diapers for a while, but couldn't justify the cost. Anyways they work great. I think you can get them from a yahoo coop or

  19. Hi, I cloth diaper my little one too. I use BGs primarily best for daycare, but I use Clovers and upcycled wool covers for night time. I tried GroBaby ones, it seems to work out fine but not my favorite. I may try to make some too. Thanks for sharing as always! Good luck with your little one!

  20. Cool. I didn't know you were from the mitten?

    I have had GREAT success on I got some fun cotton fitteds there for cheap. I also searched craigslist and got a steel on some fuzzi bunz. So far, I am loving the pockets, but we have a little skunk stink problem that I am trying to solve. Thanks for the link to Sunshine Diapers…good info there.

    I am going to start sewing my own here pretty soon. I got some cute printed PUL from diaper swappers. If you have a drill press, you can turn it into a press for the snaps. We have one for my husband's dremmel and I am going to try and convert it. You tube also has some good tutorials for how to sew your own. Congrats on the new one!

  21. So very cute! We've cloth diapered six of our seven children. Love the Bum Genius brand and also MotherEase. They seem to last the longest (like through four kids!).

  22. I love cloth diapering! I got a little overwhelmed with it when I had 2 in diapers, but would love to get back into it again now that our middle is pottytrained. You look adorable and I can't wait to meet the next little one!

  23. My husband and I made the choice to do cloth for our two boys 10 years ago. People thought we were crazy.

    Don't believe the propaganda that tries to claim it's an ecological wash between the two—maybe from an energy use standpoint—but not when you consider the waste stream.

    We were definitely rewarded. Both of our children were potty trained at their 2nd birthday!

    Cloth diapering is the right thing to do! Use it as the reason to invest in a front loading washing machine which will significantly reduce the power and water!

  24. I love cloth diapers, but have been having so many problems! My little guy is 3 months old, and about a month ago, he started getting bad diaper rashes. I finally took him to the dr. last week, got some Rx, but that didn't help. So, we quit using the detergent I was told to use, and it has eased up considerably. But, not gone yet. Anyway, as I thought I had somehow ruined my prefolds, I have been making him pockets. I'm using the Rita's Rump Pocket pattern, and it's very easy! I've been doing flannel for the outer and microfleece for the inner. After realizing that PUL would be much better for the outer (though not as cute!), I had already run out of microfleece, so I'm waiting until I can shell out the $$ to get more microfleece, and then I'll make more! If you are wanting to do snaps, you can get a snap plier set much cheaper than a press. If you want info on how to get that, let me know! Anyway, I talk about cloths on my blog every so often, just in case you feel like checking in… : )

  25. Hello – So great to see your post! The little pocket diapers are so cute! I am huge fan of cloth diapers and quite addicted to making them. I made all of the diapers for my little guy out of hemp fabric and the covers out of pul. I just started making pocket diapers using micro-fleece and pul. The inserts out of the hemp. My blog is where I have a few tutorials on how I make my diapers.

  26. I use cloth for both of my two children – I too couldn't bear to think about all those nappies sitting in landfill. I use a prefold system only really because of cost, I think the all in ones are much cuter. I recently found the following link to make cloth nappies from old t-shirts, it's worht a look.

  27. I have cloth diapered off and on for my last 2 children and plan on cloth diapering this one. I am in the process of making some fitteds right now for baby due in September. I bought the Darling Diapers Pattern and really like it.

  28. ok so how did you sew your PUL.. i bought 4 yards and cut all my pockets and then went to sew the first and the pul stuck to my foot and feeder feet and it looked all wonky when it was done… i went to jo-ann to get a special foot that would work… acrylic or something but no one had one… what did you do>

  29. You are too stinkin cute. I seriously love your tummy! (and almost want to look like that? weird?)
    Oh, and cute diapers too :).
    Really great job!
    – dana

  30. I'm using cloth too – pretty much exclusively BumGenius – and I love it! I have no problems with blowouts, and my tummy sleeper doesn't wake up soaked everywhere anymore. These are two things I couldn't say about disposables. I wrote about using the BGs and also Grobaby on my blog. You can access that through my Blogger profile.

    Congrats and good luck to you, Rae!

  31. congrats on your baby!
    having 2 in cloth nappies is not that crazy at all, my boys are almost 3, and 3 months (so far in winter and line drying!), Ive done all their nappies, my favorites are pockets once they become mobile but covers and inserts before that. For newborns I just made a buch of polar fleece (2 layers)covers, they are cheap to make and very quick.
    All that there is to learn, true and tested free patterns and troubleshoot is from the great ladies at

  32. Hi! i do not have any little kiddos of my own yet, but i do make cloth diapers for my friends for gifts, and i found a free online pattern at i think i use the all in one pattern, but i also have used the frankenbun pattern i think too from this website and combined the patterns. your pattern seems to work very nicely i must say! very nice!

  33. Love this post!

    I cloth diapered my little one and used motherease, which were a hand me down from a friend, and I loved them. Keeping up with the washing can be challenging, but it's so worth it to me for ethical and health reasons. There is a lot of research out there that indicates that the gel in standard dispoables isn't healthy for our little ones.

    I hadn't even thought of making some, but as were working on #2 now :-), I may have to venture in that direction.

    Your pg belly is so sweet…makese me more excited to be pg again.

  34. Rae thanks so much for the shout out – I am so touched by the great mention:) Those diapers turned out so well and you've given me the kick in the pants to finally get the ones I was telling you about (and a boatload of other stuff I've been too lazy to photograph) up on my blog. I'll give you a ring when your OS snaps are in. Hugs!!

  35. I didn't start cloth diapering until my second child got a really bad rash and her doctor told us she was probably allergic to her diaper. I scoured the internet for everything cloth diaper. I found the that just about everything I wanted to know was on At the time they also sold great diaper packages, for good prices. Our first purchase was a package that came with about half a dozen prefolds, two covers and one or two bum genus. I thought I would do the prefolds during the day and reserve the bum genus for night so I ordered more prefolds to go with what came in the package. Of course I found I loved the bum genus so I wound up getting many more of those. If you live in the Columbus, OH area there is a children's store on High St., just a few doors down from the Laughing Ogre Comic shop that carries bum genus and a few other cloth diaper supplies. Sorry can't remember their name.

  36. A tip I have for the mom who has the rash trouble. The ph balance may be off in your water or detergent or there could be bacteria built up on the fabric and either could be causing the rash. Get a downy ball, baking soda, and white vinegar. Sprinkle a little baking soda in with the wash at the beginning and pour the vinegar into the ball just like you would if it were downy and toss it in. This fixes the ph and bacteria issues.

  37. Good for you for cloth diapering! I am also cloth diapering 2 children right now. I do use disposables on occasion though… (I have 5 children total, so I allow myself some breaks on this here and there.) Your diapers look great. (I actually use the flat ones that you fold up and use with pins. Totally old-fashioned, I know, but it works for me.)

  38. Nice work!!! For those folks on budget, you can use microfiber towels from wal-mart, target, the dollar store, etc as inserts and they work great!!!

    I make my two babies' diapers and diapers for my granddaughter, too!

  39. We're cloth diaperers! On baby #3 now (he just hit 10 months). We kick it old school, though: flat fold bird's eye weave with vinyl pants over them. Easy to launder, always so fresh, truly one size, and I find the folding very soothing.

    I totally agree with the eco/budget observations, but really I just know I'll run out and I'm too lazy to rush to the store late at night to get new diapers. This way, we're NEVER out of diapers–they're just a laundry load away!

  40. I did not use cloth diapers for #1, but hope to try for #2 (still a gleam in my eye at this point, but hopefully not for long!). I did, however, use wool soakers at night while my daughter was making the transition from diapers to panties. I enjoyed making them out of thrifted wool sweaters and my daughter was so proud to wear them. I found several resources on the web, including one that ended up being my favorite. I list them all on my blog at
    Best wishes to you. You look great. πŸ™‚
    (P.S. I found you through amazingmae)

  41. I cloth diapered with my now two year-old daughter. However, as she got older we had more and more difficulty with leaking. When she was a little over one we switched to disposables because of the problem. I still feel guilty about it. Any cloth diapering mommies have advice for the next one? I'd really prefer to stick with cloth the entire time.

  42. Thanks for posting about making diapers and why you choose cloth! I just wanted to comment that pocket diapers are so easy to use, that my daughter has been in them at daycare for a year, now, with no problems. So, those working moms out there who think that they can't use cloth – try presenting how easy the diapers are to use and see if your provider will just try it! Also, those delving into cloth, if I can manage with toting my diapers down to the community laundry room and still love it, you can too!!

  43. I'm glad so many people mentioned the $20 snap pliers, I had a press and sold it after I got the pliers, they work just fine unless you are selling diapers. (, Serena has awesome service)

    Do try wool covers. Seriously, I didn't with my first because I was scared and I was so sorry when I did try wool with my second because felted wool is the best! Anyway, about wool: it's breathable and therefore more comfortable, no heat buildup, wool can absorb quite a bit of liquid without feeling wet so you get away with less diaper, and they can be hung to dry and reused for a week w/o any smell! Very easy to wash with the right soap: Woolwash bar from SudzNDudz. Air dry, pat in a teeny bit of lanolin balm (or the purple stuff works fine) and you are good to go until the next poop!

    I made my own PUL diapers with my first but was too busy with my second so I had a local WAHM make my snap wool covers – MaryAnn,, those are the ones I'm keeping forever!

    My kids are both PTed but I guess I'm still a cloth diaper freak, lol.

  44. Where I live (OZ) we call them Nappies. I have been using cloth with my two month old since he was just born.

    I have made 90% of his stash, making prefolds and AIO. I have also made Nnappies for friends who choose to use cloth as gifts.

    We also use almost no detergents as this can cause build up instead hanging to dry in the sun to sanitise.

    I am lucky to live almost in the tropics, so have a lot of sun almost every day (except in summer when we have a smaller version of wet season)and over hot water is solar powered too so our ecological damage is very much reduced by using cloth.

    I have read that every disposible ever made is still sitting in landfill. As there are no biodegradable nappies available here in OZ, I find that scary. Peoples great grandkids will be playing before their nappies breakdown.

  45. Holy smokes! You must live close by! Those are the places I've been scoping out to go visit to find out more cloth diapering info (apparently we're both in SE Michigan!).

    Love finding out that a blog I've been reading for a while now is so close to home!

    I'm also dealing with the issue of two in diapers (I'm due in September), however we didn't use cloth with our older son and I want to with the new little boy. So I guess I'm even more lost than you are!

    Did you buy the PUL locally, or online? I've been toying with the idea of sewing my own, but as a novice I'm worried about putting in the time/money to make it happen.

  46. Your diapers are very cute. I just use prefolds and covers since I can't bring myself to take the time to sew a diaper (but I sew other things). I love so many of your ideas.

    A really nice cloth diaper site is They have cloth diaper reviews and a forum where people post all sorts of questions and answers about diapers, parenting, marriage, cooking, etc. This site really made it easy for me to switch to cloth with my second and have answered many questions.

    You seem to have a good handle on diapering but if anyone else is curious it is good because it isn't affiliated to any specific company that sells diapers so it is maybe less biased than others. fwiw! Keep posting because you really inspire.

  47. it's been 9 years since i put one boy of mine in them. the commercial ones gave him a rash! i loved them when i used them. i did make a few, but it was hard to find the 'right' kind. i would definitly do it again.

  48. I made OS pocket diapers for my little guy by tracing out a BG. To get around the snap issue, I used buttons (possibly not the most baby-friendly, but I haven't had any come off in 5 months of constant use). I sewed on a thin strip of fabric below the velcro (great for cute customizations!) and attached two pieces of fabric with button holes at the bottom. From the center of the button holes, I measured and placed buttons according to the placement on the BG OS. The buttons are a little lower on mine than on the BG, but I haven't had any problems because of it.

    The problem that I have had is that I did not know that using cotton blend thread would cause moisture wicking. I've had to go back and seal all of my stitching with hot glue covered with a patch of fabric. (PUL is a booger to get stuff to stick to!) I've read that synthetic thread will prevent this problem, although I'm sure you already know this from the dipes that you have made.

  49. I loved making cloth diapers for my first! Nothing like a cd on that little bum, and even better is one made by mom. I have some 2mil PUL I've been hanging onto and would be happy to pass it along to you if you need more. None of my friends have the slightest interest in sewing dipes and I can't bear to just send it to goodwill.

  50. Thanks for your great informative post on cloth diapers… I have 2 daughters who are both still in cloth diapers. I use the toweling ones that you fold and then I put a pilchar over the top… I'd love to make some of the fitted diapers and now after reading your post will definiteyl give it a go… Thanks for the inspiration….

    Take Care
    Jodie πŸ™‚

  51. I have to say how cute you look! I am also pregnant, not as far along as you are in the photo, and I only hope I am half as cute!

    BTW, used cloth with the first child. Fuzzi Bunz. Loved them. Love the toilet sprayer. Though with this child I am using disposable until the umbilical cord falls off. With #1, the cloth diapers rubbed it off before it was ready to come off. Gross. (Even though they had a fold over option.)

  52. Thanks for all the info! I'm hoping to start the baby-making process soon and I'm excited about the cloth-diapering alternatives. I'll be using this blog post as a great place to start my research. Thanks again!

  53. I also make my own diapers. After the first round of diapers I broke down and bought a snap press and have not regretted it. I also have altered patterns until I found one I liked. I even added gussets on my wraps which have worked out great. My favorite soaker is a microfleece towel the you can purchase at the auto parts section in stores. Just fold in thirds and sew to the length you need.

  54. I also make my own diapers. I did break down and buy a snap press and have not regretted the decision. I also modified patterns until I found one I liked. I even put gussets on some wraps for the fitteds that worked really well. My favorite soaker is a microfleece towel from the auto part section of stores. Just fold in thirds and sew to the length you need.

  55. Those are AWESOME. It's been a long time since I thought about diapers, my baby is 23! I wish I'd thought about something like that back in the day. I used cloth pin in place diapers and a T-shaped diaper called the B-52. I think they were called that because if you didn't get them on nice and tight you baby could become a bomber. I love to hear that new moms are stepping away from the disposables.

    Good luck with the new little bundle, she's adorable (I came in for the bags from Acorn to Oak.)

  56. I love your post. I'm 15 weeks along and have been doing much research on cloth diapers vs disposables. What are the best websites to go to for free patterns. I'm not sure on the type yet. I've heard the all in ones are nice along with the pocket kind that you have made. I'm wanting to do the waterproof covers as well so I need a free pattern for that as. This is our first child and with lack of funds for disposables we figured we would try to make our own. What fabrics are the best to use? Where can you purchase them? If you guys could please help me with the best sites for free patterns for cloth diapers along with the waterproof cover and the best types of fabrics to get that would be so helpful. Also which would be best having side snaps, front snaps or velcro? Thanks so much! Congrats on baby :)Email at

  57. Love Little Seedling and love knowing that we have such a talented crafter- clothes designer right here in SE Michigan! Please keep sharing your cool retro inspired boys' designs- it's so hard to find ANYTHING cute for boys in store or in blog.

    Congratulations on the birth of your adorable daughter!

    (Ann Arbor, MI)

  58. I love love love Gdiapers ( I have used them for about a year with my middle son, and I'm just about to start using them with my 10 wk old daughter. I make the cloth inserts for them out of receiving blankets, or just plain flannel if its on sale, with microfibre cloths in the middle, and I find my diaper covers on most of the time!

  59. Just found you tonight and I love all your posts! Very helpful! Cant wait to try some of your patterns!

    I've been making my own lately and love them! i hate the bulk of cloth so thats why I started! I make then OS pockets with hidden PUL, any fabric outter, and velour, minky, micro-fleece, flannel inner. super funa nd super addicting, I've made 12 dipes the past 3 days! πŸ™‚

  60. I've cloth-diapered 5 babies, and made all the diapers my last two wore. My "baby" is now 25mths old. πŸ™‚

    I have some of them on my blog: I've made two billion diapers for other people, not just my kids.

  61. When my boys were born I used the original B-52 diapers that you could buy. They were shaped like an airplane and used one diaper pin in the front. As the child expanded you used two pins. I used to get the seconds which had some less than perfect stitching but worked great. They started in one at a time as infants and I could layer 3 or 4 for night time, when they got older. I tried disposable for a short time with my youngest and he would sit in his car seat in the middle of the back seat and pull all of the inside out and throw it all over the car. I figured he was trying to tell me something so I went back to the B-52s. I wish I could find them for my grandchildren, not that my kids would use them…sigh.

  62. Hello Pam I remember the B52. A sales man came to my Apt in 1971 and was selling them and gave me a sample. I have not seen any sence then. I cant even find a picture of them on line. I was 19yrs at the time and could not afford to purchase them. If you find a picture let me know Cecilia

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