For the lower half

A few toddler boy bottoms for you today…

My mother-in-law came to stay with us a couple of weeks ago and potty-trained Elliot over the course of a week. What a saint. It’s been so great. My diaper laundry went to half overnight. We are a little short on undies so I made these cute little helicopter ones with Bonnie’s pattern for undies, adding a little PUL in the middle to help with accidents:

Bonnie’s blog is worth checking out; she does all sorts of great sewing with knits. I “met” Bonnie during Spring Top Week last year. And looking up her blog address I just discovered that she has a new newborn layette pattern out too–so awesome!

Elliot loves them because they have helicopters. I love them because (unlike his Thomas-the-train ones) he can actually pull them up and down by himself. One of those little problems you never think about when purchasing store-bought undies.

Now for the suits…we’re going to Mexico with Mr Rae’s family next month, and of course it didn’t occur to me at the end of the summer to look for a suit that would fit E (hrrm, you’d think I was busy or something). This pattern was in the Ottobre Summer 3/2009 issue (click on 3/2009 issue, page 18), so I thought I’d give it a try.

I won’t lie, this one wasn’t easy. I would never recommend trying this pattern without a serger, and I still wish I had an overlock machine for the leg seams. But overall I’m pleased with the result, and they look SO european on him it’s just adorable, so I made a second one (see top pic). This picture really emphasizes the flaws but it looks better in real life. The two colors also contrast more in real life; the navy is darker and the turquoise is brighter.

Other things I’m working on:

  • I’ve been reading Getting Things Done by David Allen (any GTD folks out there? this is a personal organization system that has developed a cult following for it’s effectiveness/simplicity) and so this past week I finally got my email inbox under 1000. Yes you read that right, it’s insane. I know that there are hundreds of people still waiting for answers from me to requests and inquiries, so hang in there…right now I’m still catching up on stuff from the summer…
  • Got the Olive and Archie PDF pattern set from Elli for my birthday…so cute! It just screams Christmas to me, so I’m putting that one on the list.
  • This morning I’m going to kick it into High Gear on the Bonsai Bag pattern so that those who wanted it can get it soon. For those wondering, it will have recessed zipper instructions included.

Oh and I must be completely insane, because I started this last week too:

20 thoughts on “For the lower half

  1. That swimsuit is too cute and I love the little undies!! Where are you going in Mexico – we were supposed to go in May but had to be rerouted to the Domincan due to the Swine Flu – I was quite upset but had a great trip in Punta Cana anway. Have fun!!!

  2. Never even thought of sewing little one's undies – genius. Putting it on my list. And I cannot believe you started a quilt with a wee babe. Gorgeous and very impressive. Have fun!

  3. you continue to be such an inspiration. I must check out the site about geting things done. If you could just see the overwhelming tasks before me. Sigh…

  4. I do GTD at work. But I slip from time to time and have to go back to collecting, processing and organizing everything again. I find that I slip when I skip the review step (and mostly when I skip the weekly one on Friday afternoons).

    Good luck!

    And have fun in Mexico!

  5. I have been eyeing that undies pattern for a while, but hesitant to try it. Do you have to have a serger to sew those undies? Would you consider them relatively easy for someone who is a beginner at sewing knits? Thanks for you help!

  6. I love the little boy underwear.

    We trained our little one in a week also and it happened so quickly that we didn't have time to go buy new underwear. He used Big Brother's outgrown underwear. Since it is actually a size too big for him, it is great for these early days because it is nice and loose and he can get it up and down himself!

  7. I love that quilt that you have started. I have that same bunny fabric and was wondering what I would make with it. This is a wonderful idea. That swimsuit is too cool as well.

  8. is that a quilt?! the fabrics look pretty together. love the undies. i'm gonna have to check out getting things done! thanks for that

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