Wherein Rae eats a little crow

I’m going to have to take back some of my words here, because look what fits???

I will concede that the pattern DOES actually fit a 0-3 month old, as my babe is (a rather large) 2 months and the top fits quite nicely. It works over a onesie since it’s a little cold outside, which is fine because that solves the V-neck issues as well…

And what’s even better than a cute baby dress? A SMILE. Something we’ve been seeing alot of around here lately, and how fun is this?

Happy Weekend everyone!

44 thoughts on “Wherein Rae eats a little crow

  1. Wow – your peanut and my peanut could almost be twins! Mine was due Aug 3, but didn't come until the 14th. You consoled me when yours was born – I said all I'd gotten was a 40 week check-up.

  2. I love it! And look at her hair … so sweet!! I can smell the baby goodness :).

    Happy Day to you!

  3. it is adorable… made me wish i would've FINISHED the one i started! i stared at this pattern for weeks, even took it over to a friend's house and i could never quite figure out how to attach the sleeves to the rest of the top. it has been left as a UFO in my sewing room:(
    i have been sewing for years, and own two of AB books and several patterns- they are written so strangely! i adore what she has done for home sewing, tho, so no hard feelings!

  4. Oh my goodness, your daughter is beautiful! And the dress looks lovely too πŸ™‚

  5. Mimi is a year now…and I'm STILL looking at her clothes saying "Yeah, that's never going to fit" and it's actually too small…Sigh…they grow so FAST, don't they?

    Little Miss has the best dimple I've ever seen πŸ™‚

  6. I love girls in purple – they look so adorable. She would be one lucky little people to wear clothes her mommy makes.

  7. Well it is very cute, but you said that the pattern was a top and then in this post you called it a dress, so I don't think you have to eat too much crow, you're just making the best of a less than ideal pattern.

  8. Oh Rae… she's so beautiful! and SMART too I'm sure (I always stress that to my girls when they ask; "aren't I beautiful Mama?!"). The top looks terrific on her. Hope you're feeling well, despite the exhaustion of parenting two now….

  9. Hell rae, I am so happy to see that cute little baby of yours !!!! I have not forgotten the translation that I promessed you. I am now across the ocean from you down south, in guyana !!!!
    Back to sew one of your little bag for a b-day girl !!!

  10. Oh.My.Heavens that girl is cute! My little boy is 9 weeks and we are seeing lots of smiles too. Love this age.

  11. Oh she's so stinking cute!!!
    And I love those chartreuse walls. Great color choice. You make beautiful kids (and clothing :)) Rae!

  12. This is even MORE adorable on your darling little girl. It took my breath away when I first saw the outfit finished and inspired me to make some bloomers up for the little dress I made my own baby girl. I am so inspired by your blog and all of your creations – just bought the toddler backpack pattern and CAN'T WAIT for my fabric to arrive so I can make it for my son who starts pre-entry kindy this term.

  13. Hey, that's not a bad thing to be wrong about! πŸ™‚

    She's SO cute! And looks a lot like E in that last picture!

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