Clementine Likes Yarn

Took a quick break from the swimsuits and sundresses yesterday to start this Gnomey Hat by Hello Yarn (spotted recently at SouleMama as well). You know, the sort of project that makes perfect sense when you’re about to leave for Mexico [end sarcasm].

Except somebody started eating my yarn during the fitting…

34 thoughts on “Clementine Likes Yarn

  1. What a sweet little girl with the most precious name!
    Wanna know what I'm working on right now? The summer nightie from One Yard Wonders =) Rae, I love your directions and patterns. Everything makes so much sense for a beginner like me. Thank you =) I've made two Spring Ruffle tops and three nighties!

  2. You have the perfect child, you know that? Cute name, cute little face, cute little 'who me?' look…

    Looks like she is ready to take after her mama!

  3. That really is one of the cutest pics ever. I love that you can see the needles sticking out! Ahh, it does make me want a baby *sigh*

  4. Oh. My. Sweet. Bibbidy.

    These are the moments for which the word "precious" was invented.

    I think my ovaries just fainted. 🙂

    And the hat is adorable, too.

  5. so what if my baby just turned 1? Clementine makes me want another one. just the sweetest thing ever.

  6. That has to be the most adorable picture I have ever seen on a knitting blog – and believe me I have seen a few!

  7. Wow! My Mother-in-Law is knitting my daughter Cressida a baby cocoon out of the same yarn! I guess I'll have to ask her to make us a matching hat, because Clementine looks so darn cute in hers.

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