Fairy Tale Quilt

Too many things to blog about, too little time. That really sums up how I feel right now as time with two hands free is so hard to come by. I’ve got a purse pattern in the works (ack, why can’t I do that faster??), a new dress for Mexico I want to show you, a baby quilt that’s almost finished, and then the other day in a moment of inspiration/insanity at Fields in Holland (Michigan), I bought swim material. For a swimsuit. For me. Yes friends I have completely lost it.

And I wish so badly that these pictures weren’t so grainy, but I’m just going to barrel ahead with this post anyway and not obsess about it. HURRAH HURRAH I am finally finally finished with Elliot’s fairy tale quilt!!!

I figure I have about six more months before he decides he’d rather have Star Wars sheets (overheard during book reading: “Wuke faw in Jabba’s twap!”) than his mama’s choice in bedspreads, so I’m glad I got this finished now. Not to mention how excited I am to have the real estate free in my sewing closet. Boy howdy.

He loves the fairy tale pictures (Gingerbread Man, Wizard of Oz, and Jack and the Beanstalk) and has been pointing to the various figures and animals and talking about them.

It was started last year (I posted a preview pic here, those Rocket PJ’s still fit him by the way) with Superbuzzy fabric that was ordered maybe a year before that, so unfortunately as far as I know you really can’t get any of this fabric anymore. The checks are Moda and the stripes are old IKEA fabric.

The pattern for this came from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing, which my dear friend Giedra also used to make a quilt for her toddler as well. I totally stole the idea from her, so now we both have BTRS quilts for our toddlers. You can see a preview of hers here, it’s so cute with owls and turquoise…and we were just talking about these the other day, which is what motivated me to finally finish. So thanks, G!

Mine’s slightly different than the book pattern in that I added 12″ of chenille to the edges. This really explains in a nutshell why it sat in my closet for so long. The chenille was kindof a nightmare to work with, compounded by the fact that all of the fairy tale fabrics are mid-weight canvas (that’s why you’ve seen them here and here before), making this a puckery disaster. I salvaged it…but NEVER AGAIN I TELL YOU. Just learn from my mistakes, will you? Use quilting cotton for quilts. And nothing else.

Oh and I also wanted to show off a closeup of the vintage Irmi lamp that I refurbed (cleaned up, retouched paint, rewired) and now lives in E’s room:

The ferris wheel winds up and plays “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” I love it.

32 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Quilt

  1. What a sweet quilt- you must be very patient. I'm not sure I'd let him change the bedding, just because he didn't like it ;o) "I made it, and you're going to LIKE IT!" πŸ™‚

    That lamp reminds me of one my little brother had, with a bunch of balloons and a little carnie and a dog…I'm wondering if it's the same company?? I'll have to check that out next time I'm home, it's still in my parents' basement πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! I love the quilt. I'm trying to decide on bedding for my little one. This is perfect. But it would take me years. The lamp is unbelievably adorable.

  3. Sweet! Beautiful quilt, beautiful room, beautiful boy. That looks like an Ikea bed; and the bedside table?
    My youngest has an Irmi mobile, but that lamp…..swoon!!!!

  4. Wow, Rae – the quilt is fantastic! I once made a quilt with heavy fabrics (all saved jeans and corduroy) but I did it by hand with button thread so I didn't have the bulk issue. Good to know about the chenille and canvas, though!

    And that lamp is killing me softly with divine cuteness!

  5. The quilt is amazing! Lucky little boy πŸ™‚ I love how he recognizes the fairytale figures :-))
    I want a lamp that plays Over the Rainbow too!!

  6. Beautiful quilt!! I just made a tiny quilt for my little man, no pattern, but it was such a poor sewing job that I won't even post the photos on fb. πŸ™ I just don't do well with small pieces that have to remain a pretty uniform size… I love that your quilt matches the rug too, and he looks like he adores it in the photos πŸ™‚ And great job on that lamp! SOOO cute!

  7. GAW!!! The lamp … uhm, I LOVE it. You know being more than half Dutch that is just too wonderful!!

    And the quilt, well congratulations! E is now asking me almost daily when he gets a quilt. I'm just finishing a quick and easy one for Craft Hope, but feeling quite guilty about his. Maybe in December? And you may have hated the chenille, but I love what it adds!!

    Happy Day Friend!

  8. Your quilt is so sweet and I get the chenille thing..hard to work with indeed! I love, love, love that lamp. Could anything be cuter? xo

  9. Can't wait to see the dress for Mexico. I'm spending Christmas in South America and still looking for some inspiration what I could sew formyself. The cold weather outside doesn't really inspire for Summercloths πŸ™

  10. Oh boy, does that lamp take me back? I had one like it as a child. Bless you for giving this one a new breath of life!

  11. Great, inspiring quilt. Can you tell me the dimensions you used? My daughter has the same bed and I love how perfectly it fits.

    That lamp is amazing, btw!

  12. That quilt is great. The colours, beautiful. I really, really should get over my fear and start making a quilt for my little ones.

    That lamp is amazing!

  13. you are seriously amazing. seriously! and you wee one is so darn cute! and i'm not just saying that. she really is a pretty baby!

  14. I started cruising ebay after I saw your lamp and found a birdhouse irmi lamp that I just won. Thanks for the irmi inspiration!

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