It’s a Red Letter Day!

Hey, thanks for all the quilt love! You guys are so good at affirming my craftiness!

Wanted to share two more projects made with the Red Letter Day left over from the quilt. I can’t get enough of these cute ducks. Here’s a Lickety Split Bag:

and a pair of 6-12 month baby pants, need to make a matching onesie or something yet:

We had a couple of nice sunny days this week despite the coooooold weather. I took a few shots of my cozy sewing room which also doubles as a guest room. Here’s a vintage dresser from my parents with some of my craft/sewing/knitting books:

Oh hey now let’s go in just a little closer, shall we??

Hmm, what is THAT handsome book sitting there on the top of the stack?

It’s One Yard Wonders, the completely awesome new sewing book which also happens to have two of my patterns in it! Yaaaaaaaay *does Kermit arms*!

Which two patterns, you ask?

The Summer Nighty (which many of you have been sweet enough to email me about already…so nice to hear so many of you like it!)…

and a big* hanging laundry bag which also made the back cover (woohoo!):

*although this picture makes it look pretty small for some reason…I’ve been trying to figure out why and I think that the large shirt hanging to the left makes it look smaller than it actually is (the finished dimensions are 21×31″)

I’m so excited about so many of the other fantastic projects in here; it’s such a cool collaboration from a ton of great bloggers. And I’m kindof wishing there was an online list of all the blogs that contributed. Does anyone know of this? There’s also a sweepstakes to win free fabric for a year! (Can contributors enter???)

Off to work on my kids’ Christmas outfits…

Bowtie Baby Quilt

Clementine’s quilt is finished…got the last of the binding put on the other day, by machine of course and then handstitching all the places I missed. I am such a campy quilter it’s not even funny. Having never had any formal training in the quilting dept, I cheat in every way imaginable. Although I found a very helpful tutorial on applying binding in a recent issue of Sew Hip, which I purchased at JoAnn (of all places) a couple of weeks ago. When I got home I sat for a good half hour reading it going, “Oh…oh!” as I discovered how Real Quilters apply binding. Enlightening. Which brings me to question number one: what other sewing magazines do you guys like?

The blocks for this quilt are unbelievably easy…there’s a trick to doing them quickly so you don’t have to cut any triangles. Which I don’t have time to show you right now. I will say though that I started with 42 seven inch squares, half of which are white, and made two blocks at a time. The final size of each square is 6″ so you can use a yard of fabric to back it. The finished size is 36″x42.”

The bow-tie design happened accidentally; I was trying to do a pinwheel quilt but got confused and ended up with bow-ties. Then I thought I was being pretty original until I saw this cute pattern from Sometimes Crafter and realized (duh) that there’s really nothing new here. I still like it.

Fabrics I used: Lizzy House’s Red Letter Day, Anna Griffin’s Riley Bunnies, and Alexander Henry mushrooms and numbers.

I used a triple row of stitching along the vertical and horizontal lines mainly so I could use my presser foot to quilt it but maybe also so they would cover up those seams which may not have landed exactly where they were supposed to…*ahem*.

This quilt has alot of WHITE. Perhaps the reason this is now so clear to me is that I accidentally got chocolate on it. In more than one place. Hmm. I’m pretty sure this is a Quilting No-No, and I do not recommend. In my defense, immediately prior to the commencement of quilting I took a trip to the Holland Peanut Store (was visiting West MI for T-day) to procure seafoam, which apparently does not exist on my side of the state. Enough said. So that brings me to question number two: are there other places where seafoam can be purchased besides Holland, Michigan? And if not, has anyone ever made it successfully?

Here’s Sporty Spice With The Hair taking it out for a spin:

Now I need to go throw it in the wash.

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Stripey Felt Christmas Stocking

Not much Christmas crafting going on around here this year yet (honestly, I am just happy I got the tree up), but I hadn’t found a felt stocking for Clementine as of last week, so I pulled this number together over the weekend:

I’m feeling pretty clever here. The beauty of this one is that it was made completely of small (9×12″) sheets of wool felt, eight to be exact (plus a few scraps of acrylic I used for the holly adornment). I always have a tough time finding felt by-the-yard that is also cute, but this felt from Heather Bailey was really adorable and just had to be bought. I’m also hoping to add a letter “C” yet or embroider her name on it yet, but we’ll see what we have time for…

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Gnomey Hat…DONE!

Look what I finished over Thanksgiving weekend:

Pattern: Gnomey Hat by Hello Yarn
Yarn: Deborah Norville’s (I know…right?) Serenity Chunky
Needles: Size 10 DPNs
Accidental modifications: not knowing the difference between garter stitch and reverse stockinette (I know…right?), the section that is supposed to be garter curls pretty severely. Having already pulled the whole thing out a couple of times by the time it was pointed out to me by a more experienced knitter, I opted to just let it go. Deep breaths. Luckily Clementine hasn’t complained (noticed?) yet.

Here it is, prior to end-weaving, on its (I think obviously pleased) recipient. Pretty happy grandpa too, eh?

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