It’s a Red Letter Day!

Hey, thanks for all the quilt love! You guys are so good at affirming my craftiness!

Wanted to share two more projects made with the Red Letter Day left over from the quilt. I can’t get enough of these cute ducks. Here’s a Lickety Split Bag (Update: The Lickety Split pattern is no longer available):

and a pair of 6-12 month baby pants, need to make a matching onesie or something yet:

We had a couple of nice sunny days this week despite the coooooold weather. I took a few shots of my cozy sewing room which also doubles as a guest room. Here’s a vintage dresser from my parents with some of my craft/sewing/knitting books:

Oh hey now let’s go in just a little closer, shall we??

Hmm, what is THAT handsome book sitting there on the top of the stack?

It’s One Yard Wonders, the completely awesome new sewing book which also happens to have two of my patterns in it! Yaaaaaaaay *does Kermit arms*!

Which two patterns, you ask?

The Summer Nighty (which many of you have been sweet enough to email me about already…so nice to hear so many of you like it!)…

and a big* hanging laundry bag which also made the back cover (woohoo!):

*although this picture makes it look pretty small for some reason…I’ve been trying to figure out why and I think that the large shirt hanging to the left makes it look smaller than it actually is (the finished dimensions are 21×31″)

I’m so excited about so many of the other fantastic projects in here; it’s such a cool collaboration from a ton of great bloggers. And I’m kindof wishing there was an online list of all the blogs that contributed. Does anyone know of this? There’s also a sweepstakes to win free fabric for a year! (Can contributors enter???)

Off to work on my kids’ Christmas outfits…

29 thoughts on “It’s a Red Letter Day!

  1. Ooh…beautiful pictures; adorable pants; lovely space. I've been wanting that book; now I want it even more, seeing your patterns in there. I'm up late sewing for Christmas tonight, too. (Well, taking a break from sewing at the moment.)

  2. *does Kermit arms* LOLZ.
    Congratulations on that! As soon as I get some money (can you say tax return?), I'll have to look into picking up a new book… 🙂

  3. I love it all!! I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog before, but I've been loving it for a long time. 🙂 I think I'm definitely going to have to get the one yard wonders book and your lickety split bag pattern. Huge stalker (I mean fan),

  4. I bought four copies of One Yard Wonders for myself and three friends for Christmas. I wrapped each one in a yard of fabric. They LOVED their gifts! We're so excited to start working through the book together. One of my friends is making your summer nighty for her niece for Christmas. As for a list of all the blogs, there's a list of all the contributors in the back of the book, and most of them have their blog addresses listed.

    Oh, and a quick note — has the book for almost 1/2 price right now — $11.31 instead of the in-store price of $20.95. Plus free shipping by Christmas if you order by the 21st. It doesn't get any better than that!

  5. Congrats on being published. It's fun to share your creativity. It looks like another book I need to add to my to buy list.

  6. I need to put the book on my Christmas list. I saw it at the bookstore. There is a huge amount of sanity in knowing you can do everything with one yard.

    Congrats on being a part of the book! That's exciting!

  7. I'm going to purchase this now. Haven't seen it in person and couldn't find any pictures of what's inside. Thanks for the link to the sweepstakes too!

  8. Congratulations Rae! The Facebook fan page has links to the blogs of most (if not all) of the designers that contributed.

  9. Congratulations!! I just bought that book last week. I have 4 of the books on your dresser, couldn't see the name of the side baby blue one. Great bags and fun fabric, I love the ducks too. Happy Holidays!!

  10. I would like that book! Great photos. I think I may have to try your lickety split bags. I've been making fabric grab bags (from, I think) for my daughter's friends (6 of them) and the construction method is quite fiddly. Of course, I only have one to go…

  11. Fun being in the book! Check out page 118 — that's me! The quilt you showed last post is darling. I started cutting 7" squares out the other day … — michele

  12. I really need to make a Lickety Split Bag. Love this fabric!! Congratulations on your inclusion in the book….I have my eye on that one for my sewing library.

  13. I just got this book and spent a long car ride looking through and making a list of projects to try. Congratulations on being included in this wonderful book.

  14. First time commenting, but I've been "stalking" for several months. I got this book for Christmas and am sooo excited about it–I'm really looking forward to trying your patterns. I love the wash bag!

  15. I just received that book for my birthday, and I can't wait until the Christmas rush is done so that I can dive in and start crafting! I love your projects, by the way! The summer nighty is my favorite!

  16. I am DYING to get this book! I am so glad I stalked, er…I mean checked your blog today to see this book. And a big thank you to everydaychaos for listing the place and price for the best deal. I'm off to Barnes & Noble's website to get my copy. How stinkin ca-ute is that summertime nighty!? I think I need 1 for every night of the week. Merry Christmas and thank you for all of your inspirations! I {heart} your blog!

  17. Just order the book! YIPPY! I couldn't get free shipping for an order less than $25, but I did find and successfully use a coupon for 20%. Use coupon code: N8K8N3E. It made the book $9.04!!! Unreal. Total with shipping and tax was $13.81 and didn't have to leave my warm home. Oh…and it will be here in time to wrap for myself and place under the tree.

  18. yaaaaay!!! congrats, rae!! love that nighty – so cute!
    i have a question – did you make the pattern for those (super cutie) pants, or can you tell which pattern you use?

  19. So amazing! I love when super talented, really deserving people get a little lime light. You are one of those, by the way. Love the duckie projects! Merry Christmas, girlie!

  20. RAE????? SO. COOL!
    Congrats again on having something published. Can't wait till there's an entire book of your stuff! (you know it will happen).
    and funny….I have that same yellow/orange circle Lizzy fabric. Just waiting to do something with it. Though I was a little thrown off when it arrived. I thought it would be more yellow but it was almost chartreuse! Still cute though.
    continue with the kermit arms please. Still laughing over here.

  21. Oh, yea!!! Your projects look great, as always.

    I recieved the Sewing Calendar for Christmas…and I'm THRILLED with how many "friends" have projects in there. It's FABULOUS to see Crafty Bloggers getting published…becuz y'all are FA.BU.LOUS.

    Happy New Year!

  22. I've been dying to get this book. And, now you've tempted me even further. Barnes and Nobles here I come. Your site is adorable, by the way.

  23. I love the duckie bag and pants. They are perfect for spring. Will definitely check out One Yard Wonders! COngrats.

  24. I just bought the pattern for the Lickety Split bag, and I am wondering how it would work with one of the layers in a cotton canvas. Anyone tried this?

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