The Easiest Heart Garland. Evar.

When the going gets rough, you know it’s time for an easy craft.  Cue: felt.  And if there’s anything my elementary school education prepared me for, it’s cutting out hearts (and I know that may sound suspect coming from a high school teacher, but I don’t mean that as a diss).  It’s downright therapeutic.  Just fold the felt and go to town with the scissors, machine sew them together in one long string, and voila, heart garland!

Construction hint: I thought it would be easier to go pointed side first, but turns out I was wrong.  The presser foot does better with the top side of the heart than the point.

I had the idea for this after seeing these at Shim + Sons, but I feel this must have been done somewhere else before…maybe Martha (which, now that I have AdBlocker, is much much more enjoyable)?  I don’t know.  The felt came from Heather Bailey.  And I have to also mention: those lovely pieces of lenticular art above the mantel were Mr Rae and my Christmas gifts to eachother last year.  They are both from the Science Shows You How series by our friend, Detroit artist Chris Dean
If you’ve made a Valentine’s Day garland, please share!

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  1. more felt jealousy here, I might just have to nab me some of that heather bailey felt. I love it on your mantel.

  2. I am making this. Today. My daughters first birthday is on Sunday, and this is going to be PERFECT! Will post pics soon… like tomorrow :o)

  3. I love this garland! I was thinking of something similar yesterday but I had the hearts going the other way, standing up! Gorgeous colours x

  4. i'm a sucker for anything felt! these are just too cute and they look so easy. i'm thinking maybe of adding fabric on the other side? we have the old fashioned love heart candy rolls at our place, a perfect match for valentine's day!

  5. Love the colors- makes for such a sweet mantle-scape (is that a word??) You reminded me of what we did last year! I went with hand stitching so Ernie could help me, and lots of space in between. I used leftover hearts to dangle from the chandelier in the dining room, too- seems like I always have stuff hanging from that light fixture πŸ™‚ I gave mine away last year, I think it's time to make more!

  6. Thank you so much for this idea. I have already made two, one for our playroom and one to give to a friend. It was just the right project to finish before I had to go and pick up my child from pre-school.The picture will have to wait until my husband is back, but I will put it on

  7. I actually gasped when I saw the first picture. I am LOVING this idea and it is the easiest thing! Thanks.

  8. I found you from the Made blog. I love the garland so much that I made one today & posted it on my blog, linking back to you, of course! Thanks for the fun project!

  9. Love them. I don't have quite the color stash that you do, but red, cream, white, and burgandy should fit the bill appropriately! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  10. Lovely! I saw something similar on purlbee – the New Year's garland. My 3 y.o. daughter and I made that and thought a Valentine one would be fun, too. We'll see if ours stacks up to yours! πŸ™‚

  11. I love this idea Rae! I had to make it right away! Thanks so much for sharing! What a fun, fast, adorable garland!

  12. what a fun, springy idea. i'm in the middle of making my first ever quilt and this little craft might be a good distraction from all of the geometry brain confusion right now… thanks for the idea!

  13. I love the garland…i have been seeing these everyone, and i def need to make some…..
    So im having a giveaway on my blog….i was wondering if it was alright if i could make one of your Butter cup purses…(refer them to your tutorial of it) and give it has my giveaway…
    Come on over and let me know…

  14. I was just blogging about how I'm having a "bad" crafting streak! Time for something simple – this is perfect. Very cute – thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  15. My four year old and I just made your adorable garland this afternoon. I think I made the hearts a bit big, and may attempt another with smaller ones. But regardless I love the simplicity of this festive decor.

  16. After reading this I remembered a bunch of red felt a friend gave me so I made one for our house. I love your colorful one but since red is the main theme of my Valentine day decor I didn't mind so much not having all the pretty colors. =) Thanks for sharing

  17. this is absolutely precious. i'll be doing this one tomorrow most likely. πŸ™‚ for some reason, this year i'm feeling like all of February should be spruced up like the other winter holidays. Yay!

    tiny twig

  18. anyone wanna make one for me? no sewing machine & i've looked everywhere for one.

    love the colors shown here….we have boys around here so it's nice to have some variation on colors.

  19. I made this, but I just used cheap felt and I think it would be better with the good stuff. I just used what I had. Next time I will try and leave a little more space mine bunched together. It is super cute though!

    I also cant wait for the boy month. I have one little boy and I am so excited!

  20. Thanks for sharing! You inspired me to try a little twist on it with my kids. My blog is I love your blog!

  21. omg – just made 2 of these! one with more pinks for my daughter, and one with more boyish tones for my little man. super easy!

  22. So cute! I must have it. I'm going to have to go to one of the three storage places we are storing all our crap whilst we do a remodel and find my sewing machine. Thought I could do without it for a few months, saw your heart garland, and realized I couldn't. I'll send you a picture when I'm done.

  23. I just made a red heart garland from a thrifted 29 cent cashmere sweater. The hearts are a little floppy, but I still love it!


  24. i love it! such an easy and colorful way to brighten up a room.

    thanks for sharing the idea.

    i set a link. i hope you'll agree.


  25. I made one a few days ago after the initial posting. Instead of draping it around something, I hung it from a lampshade (no enough felt for a long garland). The movement of the felt hearts make it a beautiful piece above my table. . .

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