Ooh look at the pretty trims! (say it like Mrs Bennet)

I almost quit sewing for good the other day. I was on yet another sample for this pattern when I realized I had royally botched not only the sample in multiple places, but the pattern itself, the instructions, and oh yes the graphic embedded in the pattern instructions. I may have even thrown the sample against the wall, which by the way was vastly unsatisfying as (tends to be the case when sewing) it failed to break anything, dent a wall or even make a noise.

Later I sat at the kitchen table with my seam ripper tearing seams while Elliot ate his snack. He looked at the mess and asked “What you doing Mama?” and I thought, “My thoughts exactly!” It’s on the floor in a pile right now. I’ll get to it later.

Sometimes I really need take a deep breath, sit back and evaluate what I’m doing. With only a couple of hours post-bedtime to sew and email every day (unless I’m very lucky and they both sleep at the same time, which by some miracle they happen to be doing right now… doh! Don’t jinx it Rae!!!), I have to be really careful about what I choose to do with that time. I want to make sure that I’m enjoying it. It’s still a hobby for me, not a job, and so when it stops being fun, I need to take a break. How do you prioritize your projects? It’s something I struggle with constantly.

I’m providing you with that lovely picture of my favorite trims up thar to give us all hope that beautiful things will again appear on this blog. Based on the number of WIPs lying around me right now, it might happen in the next couple of days. But if not, I want to let you know that I am currently working on something with a slew of other bloggers for the month of February (will tell more next week) that is going to be very very fun!

UPDATE 4:04 PM: Have just been to the long thread, and how about this great little craft for those trims?

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  1. I HEAR You! I feel the same way almost on a daily basis. Hope the pattern works out for you though – I'm sure it will. πŸ™‚

  2. sewing is a love hate relationship but you'll find that once copulated, will never leave you. Hence a little voodoo doll pin cushion I own. Here's hoping you get your sewjo back on soon.

  3. Hi Rae, I clearly rmember that stage where the babes did 'tag-team' sleeping, i was tired all the time and desperate for a little more sewing time and crafting. where the little bit of time I did get was soooo precious and money was tight so I made everything. At the time I thought those days would never end, but they too passed, and sooner than I thought they would.
    Now my babies are mostly grown and I want more time before they all leave.
    I sure know what yoou mean about inspiration and satisfaction running low. I find that switching and doing something completely different helps, so does a good break from it altogether. If it is no longer fun that is a sure sign that you need a break. the desire does return and when it does so do heaps of great ideas. be kind to you.
    hope this is helpful. you make beautiful stuff.

  4. It will all work …that sounded so positive….will say the same thing to me when I am having this same day….

  5. I find that sewing mojo always comes in cycles. The bad cycles are often laughably bad, but the good ones… ah, the good ones!!

    Work on something you don't feel like you HAVE to work on — something quick, 100% satisfying, foolproof, and completely superfluous!

  6. Oh I know exactly how you are feeling. I'm still learning how to sew so it happens to me quite frequently, but right now a knitting pattern has bit me on the butt. It took me over 2 hours, yes 2 hours to just get 4 stitches cast on and joined in the round on double pointed needles! There must be an easier way!!! I almost wrote the pattern designer and had a tantrum! I finally got it though, I persevered and conquered the beast. I bet the project will end up being your most treasured items only because it took some much sweat and guts to make it. Good sewing mojo your way πŸ™‚

  7. Do you want to know what I do when I get mad while sewing? Well one example, if the machine isn't doing exactly what I want it to and let's just say it might appear to be 'stuck' for the umpteenth time … do I calmly, pull out my project and assess the situation? Oh no, I like to push the petal all the way down all while cursing in my head at the stupid thing. And you're right … I don't feel any better, I've made more work and possibly risked a hefty fix-it bill. And now you know I'm just as human as you are ;).

    I have found over the last year of balancing a growing business and growing a family that I schedule out each week with what I want to get done for the business and what I want to get done for the family/house and then for me. Within each day I prioritize what has to get done and those things that are okay to fall by the way side. Visually it helps me see just how much I can get done which makes me breath a little slower.

    Last, I think not imposing any un-necessary deadlines or expectations (i.e. I'll post this on this day, or I'll have a tutorial created on this day or blah, blah, blah) is incredibly freeing and allows me to get to those things when I can/want and then share with people :).

    Wow that was nice and wordy, wasn't it? Can you tell it's late and I'm on day 2 of single parenting :P.

    Your pattern can wait and we'll all still be here! Enjoy what's best for you tomorrow!

  8. Ah yes, I hate the days that are spent with the seam ripper instead of the sewing machine. Bummer. Kiss a cute little baby cheek? Usually makes me feel better.

  9. I'm working on the Sweet Harmony Handbag (Amy Butler). Just now had to put it down and walk away.
    I have some serious reverse stitching to do. Its a pretty easy pattern, it was just a studpid mistake…. so I feel your pain!
    This will cheer you up – I made the backpack pattern that I bought from you and I love it! Sophie is crazy about it, looks so cute on her, just need to get a good pic so I can post about it!

  10. I always say you have to make at least one mistake or it's not a real project πŸ™‚ Also, I listed all of the projects I have ever done or started but not finished in a little journal…with plenty of room for more projects to come, but them listed the start and finish date…it was encouraging to see how many projects I have actually finished and it made a small concise list of the WIPS. That worked for me…hope you have fun sewing soon πŸ™‚

  11. i am horrible about prioritizing. i am also bad about making things for my family, even though that is what i want to focus on. so now if i make something for someone else, the next project is for us!


  12. You need to be very patient with youself. I couldn't accomplish much sewing when my kids were little other than halloween costumes, mending, etc. Now that I am back to sewing I told myself that it was for FUN and enjoyment and if I mess up it can go in the trash with no guilt. There is a part of my mother in me that is a perfectionist and I am fighting that part down. You are very inspired and I know you will create. Take care. Love from Michigan.

  13. It is so nice to hear that even the fabulously creative and super knowledgeable crafters hit a slump every now and then too. Since I am in my crafty toddlerhood, I have often thought, "Well it was fun but I guess it's not for me." The joy and creative juices have always returned. Sometimes the muse takes a vaca. Happens to us all. Just be patient, don't upset her and she'll come back on her own. Sometimes I think the tight schedule and lack of freedom of the stay at home mom pisses her off. But rest assured, especially your lovely muse, she will return.

  14. Hang in there Rae! This, too, shall pass.
    It's hard to choose projects. I sew in 10-20 minute stints sometimes. Some days none at all. Some days I do the late night sewing, which I'd rather not do. Sewing clothes takes concentration. So I have a batch of easy sewing projects (used to be bibs and bags) to work on when I lose the clothes-sewing-mojo. I can usually tell when I need to step away from clothes when I'm making more mistakes than usual e.g. sewing a sleeve onto a neckline. Daft. If all else fails, I'll choose the kids and toss the sewing garment aside!

  15. I'm sorry the pattern was so frustrating! (And yes- a thwack is so much more fulfilling than a fwump!) I just try and remember that everything has a time and a season. And try to ignore the fact that when I have time to sew…I will no longer have small children to sew for. πŸ˜›

  16. Acabo de llegar a tu blog por casualidad y quiero decirte que me ha encantado; es muy bonito.

  17. It seems unfair that the only time we have to sew is after a long day when the kids are in bed… once the brain cells are fried and the seam-ripping increases exponentially. I know… I just sewed something in backwards and upside down and spent the last half hour ripping it out! Sending some good sewing vibes your way.

  18. Ugh…I totally hear you, mama! Let's see…how do I prioritize projects? I estimate how much free time I have, multiply it by what do I WANT TO DO, and pick up whatever fits the bill. LOL

    My current WIPs include: crochet, knit, sew, cut, design and photograph. *grin* Take yer pick.

  19. i just started sewing…so happy to have found your blog…just last night i slammed my own work down and cried out to my husband: why do i DO this to myself?? your post had me laughing and thankful that one so talented struggles with the same things!! cannot wait for feb!!

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