Dinosaur Mitten Tutorial from Mme ZsaZsa

You guys have been so great about sending me links to the cool boy stuff you’ve found online!  One example that I just had to share is the link Sabine sent me to the Belgian blog Mme ZsaZsa, a mother of two boys who’s made these amazing dinosaur mittens:

AND these awesome dinosaur jackets; such a great way to jazz up the plain jacket for the boy:

all images used with permission from Mme Zsa Zsa (thanks!) 

Just in time for BOY month, she’s decided to start an English version of her blog, also called Mme Zsa (check out the pictures her son’s drawn of their family, the reclining dad is hilarious).  Best of all, she’s just put up a tutorial for the mittens so we can make them too!

Thanks Mme Zsa Zsa! 
And would you like to win a pixelated quilt pattern?  Enter the giveaway over at MADE:

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  1. Love all the boy ideas – I need a grandson! At least I have plenty of little boys in the extended family to sew for – thanks for all the great ideas! Jan Murry

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