Guest Post: Andrea makes the Simple Modern Baby Quilt…bigger!

Today I’m so pleased that Andrea of Knitty Bitties is here to talk about her latest quilting experience!  Andrea and I have been friends (virtually) for almost two whole years, and you know online years are like dog years.  She’s helped me out in a pinch (she can pattern test at the drop of a hat), her sewing is absolutely flawless and I’ve always been jealous of her ability to pump out multiple versions of beautiful handmade things for her shop in no time (while I always get distracted after one or two, which hrrmm maybe explains why her Etsy shop has been a huge success while mine has just fizzled out. hee). She also loves colorful fabrics, so she’s a girl after my own heart. Add to that that she is truly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. I hope someday I’ll get to meet her in real life (and that goes for so many of you, by the way)! Here’s Andrea:

Hi Everyone

Well you all know that Rae is a super cool cat and she was sweet enough to ask me to write a guest post for the “Celebrate the Boy” extravaganza. I was tickled pink, er blue?, and said sure. Then I thought about how horrible I am at formulating sentences that make sense to anyone over the age of six. And my grammar … well let’s just say that my love of … probably says it all.

So, first … a little about me :). I’m our household CEO, CFO and every other C-O. It’s a pretty small company, just me, my husband and our 6 year old boy :). I have a BA in Graphic Design though I’ve never used it formally. Instead I worked as a project manager for a national bank until I had my son. Since then I’ve loved spending my days raising him up and having more time to be creative. Three years ago I started really sewing and haven’t stopped since. Two years ago I started a little shop on Etsy to support my fabric habit and maybe set a little aside to help our family budget. I love talking fabric and patterns, designs and color … a nice big glass of iced tea and a fresh plate of cookies would make it perfect!

I also love peanut butter, running, baking, reading, napping, pizza, movies, knitting and shopping … not all at once though and not necessarily in that order :).

{Simple Modern Baby Quilt, Image courtesy of Oh, Fransson!}

In perfect timing with this month’s theme, I just finished my first BIG quilt for my son. It was part of a ‘robot’ room re-do for his 6th birthday (which was last Saturday). I used Oh Fransson’s Simple Modern Baby Quilt Pattern and modified it to fit his full size big boy bed.

It only took me 14 months to complete the quilt from the time I ordered the fabric. But that wasn’t the pattern’s fault. It was because I got scared. A full size quilt? What was I thinking?!?!

I wasn’t too sure how I would quilt a quilt that size, but I read a lot of good tips (which I’ll share) that made it a relatively painless process.

So come on over to Knitty Bitties to read the full review and enter yourself in the giveaway.


Yep, the pattern designer herself, Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson!, has sweetly offered to giveaway THREE copies of this pattern to three lucky readers. To be entered, stop by the pattern review post and leave a comment.


Thanks Andrea! It’s always fun to see new ways to use great patterns like this one and get tips and inspiration.  And thank you to Elizabeth for the generous giveaway! 

Only TWO MORE DAYS left of this amazing month of Celebrating the Boy.  See what Dana’s got up her sleeve:

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Andrea makes the Simple Modern Baby Quilt…bigger!

  1. wow – I love this quilt, I think my favorite thing is the giraffe. Also love that you enjoy peanut butter and running. 2 of my key things! I wish I knew how to really sew.

  2. the colors in the quilt just make the quilt blossom, it is a beautiful quilt and the time and care in making it shows in the quilt.

  3. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the tutuorial and pattern for the Simple Modern Baby Quilt with the giraffe. I will be modifying the fabrics of course, but I want the original pattern that has the apliques and minky fabric on back. Can anyone help?? Please email me if you have this pattern. Would gladly pay for it. Thanks so much!

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