GUEST POST: Army Bunker Tent by Care

We have another fabulous guest blogger here today, Care from Obsessively Stitching!  Care’s blog is impressively chock full of tutorials and ideas (OK, and I was sucked in by the cute pig and wolf finger puppets, see picture below).  With two boys to sew for she’s got plenty of ideas for boys too!  This week she’s got an entire week of tent tutorials going on over at her blog called “Tent Week” (a w e s o m e !) so be sure to look back at the tents that have been posted so far.  She’s here today to share a few of her best boy-friendly crafts from her archives and introduce you to her Army Bunker Tent Tutorial.  Here’s Care:

Hi! I’m Care from Obsessively Stitching, and I am so excited that Rae has invited me to be a part of Celebrate the BOY! I’ve got two little boys of my own, so I know how hard it can be to find good BOY crafts… Well, today I’d like to share a few of my own!

click on each image to go to the post on Care’s blog!

My boys, like many boys, enjoy throwing things at each other. In addition to the classic pillow fight we have from time to time, I’ve come up with a wide array of what I like to call “safe projectiles.” We love having “goofball fights!”
We also enjoy reading books and telling stories together. I’ve made a few finger puppet sets to tell stories with (and have more in the works!), as well as my own take on Storytelling Dice. It is so much fun to hear the stories THEY tell on their own, with just a few prompts from the dice!

This week at Obsessively Stitching I am posting a full week’s worth of tutorials for kids’ play tents. My very favorite (and most BOY) tent is my Army Bunker Tent. It is made to fit over my kitchen table, but still has a peaked roof, as any bunker tent should.

One of the best things about this tent is that it is BIG…

…with plenty of room inside for even a handful of kids to play in.

BUT, when it’s time to put it away, it all fits in this handy little bag — even the roof frame!

Come on over and check out how I made my Army Bunker Tent — and don’t forget to have a look around at some of my other projects, too!
Thanks so much Care!  I love how it packs up.  I can’t wait to give this idea a try — and I’m sure my little guy will be thrilled.  I’m also very excited to see the other tent tutorials for the rest of the week, what a fantastic idea!
Dana just put together a fun roundup of pictures from readers who’ve made things for the you MADE it pool…I just love her narrative style as she shows us each picture; it’s such a joy to read.  And how ’bout this star power? Meg of Sew Liberated shared a adorable pilot’s cap on MADE yesterday that you must not miss.  See it all and more over at MADE:

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some online shops that are having special Celebrate the BOY! sales and discounts.  If you have one you’d like to share, please email me specific information (that I can copy and paste directly, come on you know I have a 6-month-old so help me out here!) with the subject line “Boy Sales” and I’ll try and get over to take a look. 

11 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Army Bunker Tent by Care

  1. This is an awesome tent! I've seen the ones done for card tables–and as neat as they are, my four kiddos just don't fit well underneath. Now I just have to convince googiedaddy to get me a new table that doesn't have center legs (haha)!!!

  2. Care, such cute boys! I can't believe I haven't seen their pics before… and thanks Made By Rae for your awesome theme! Yay for mommies who love to craft for their boys!

  3. Using the table is a great Idea! My kids use anything they can get their hands on to make a tent. They will love this! I'm headed over to Care's site, to check it out!

  4. How Cool!
    I absolutely love this tent!
    I soooo wish I had had something like this when I was little, or at least had something like this for my kiddos when they were small enough. Guess I'll have to think about making one for my favorite little 4-year old niece instead..hehehehe!

    Hugs & Blessings,

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