GUEST POST: Fold-up Cuff Pants Tutorial from LiEr

I’m so excited to introduce to you our guest blogger for today, the incredible LiEr from ikatbag!  LiEr is a mother of three girls, ages 2, 3, and 5.  In a former life, she was a high school physics teacher, just like me!  AND her husband Dave is a software engineer, just like mine!  It’s no wonder then that we get along so well!  She regrets to inform though that despite their “science-and-geeky backgrounds” neither one has been able to construct a teleporter.  Ditto on that….anyway, back to sewing! Growing up in Singapore, she learned to construct garments using slopers, and has therefore never created anything with a commercial pattern (isn’t that amazing?!).  She made her first garment at age 13, a white twill mini-skirt. Her blog is one of those places where you can get lost for hours looking at all the amazing things she’s creates out of fabric, felt, and cardboard for her kids. I’m always so impressed with how generously she gives free patterns for so many of the projects so that her readers can make them too (and if you do, please be sure to respect her personal-use only policy).  Be sure to carve out some time to spend an hour (or four) on her blog!  LiEr sells her patterns (see the left sidebar of her blog) and has an Etsy shop here.  She’s guest posting for us today with an AMAZING tutorial for fold-up cuffed pants.  

From LiEr:

Hello all! This is LiEr from ikatbag, guest-posting on Rae’s blog today! I am thrilled to be here celebrating the boys in our lives with you. Ironically, though, I have three daughters. In other words, a person couldn’t take a step in our house without coming into painful contact with a princess, unicorn or fairy accessory.

So I combed my archives for old projects I thought you might enjoy making with your boys. My own girls are 2, 3 and 5, so I’m postulating that these will be best enjoyed by boys of similar age. I spend a lot of time behind the sewing machine these days but I have been known to wield a mean glue gun from time to time. So here are two montages from my blog (click on each picture to go to its respective post):

For the sewers

For the cardboard-loving recycling-friendly folks

Obviously my sewing machine churns out a lot of dresses, given the majority gender in our family, but in honor of Boy Month, I made some boy pants just for you! The full tutorial and printable pattern are here on my blog but here are some pictures of these really fun smart-casual fold-up cuff pants, modeled by 3-year old Jenna:

Here’s a secret: they took me less time to make than my average little girl dress. Crazy! Thank you, Rae for having me over!

Rae: Isn’t she amazing? I can’t believe how professional these look!  For the full tutorial and pattern pages, head over to ikatbag!  Thanks so much Lier!!!  

Now head over to MADE and see Anna’s fantastic backpack tutorial.  What a great day for boy-sewing!

16 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Fold-up Cuff Pants Tutorial from LiEr

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for have a Tutorials for boys for this month. I just found out that I am expecting my THIRD boy and now I am excited that there will be more things I can make for them. I can't wait to start sewing!

  2. Thank you for this! I have a little boy with special needs. Because of this he is shaped a little different from most kids and I've been having trouble finding pants to fit him. I've been looking for patterns for him and I think these will be just the ticket to keep him covered and cute.

  3. I love finding handsome and fun things to sew for my boys, and this is just the ticket! Awesome, thanks!

  4. Great pants! And fascinating, reading how she makes patterns.
    Love that cuff with a button. Fantastic LiEr!

  5. Wow- what an amazing month ahead, if this is anything to go by! Wonderful to get so much inspiration for boys clothes, toys and crafting in general. These pants are great, as are many of LiEr's other projects!

  6. Ooh, I love these! They're definitely going on my to-sew list. We go through pants way to fast around here.

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