GUEST POST: Knitting Roundup by Elli

Another roundup today by a guest blogger, this one very dear to my heart.  It’s my seester Elli, who is not really a sewist (although she did, oddly, complete the Amy Butler Weekender Bag, which I believe puts her in some sort of Sewing Hall of Fame) but a knitter.  We’ve always been pretty competitive and we used to fight a lot, but now we’re really good friends.  I’d like to point out that I’m not short (see below).  She’s knitted plenty of great stuff for her entire family, including nieces and nephewlings (like this adorable cardigan she made for Elliot which Clementine currently wears and the adorable softie pictured above) and she’s here today to share a few of her favorite knitting projects for boys.  She blogs at Here’s Elli:
Hey there!
As I’m sure Rae will have already mentioned, my name is Elli and I am the middle sister in our family. While Rae and I do share genes and many admirable qualities, we are pretty different. For example, Rae is short; I am tall. Rae has adorable children; I have a gaggle of extraordinarily winsome houseplants. Rae sews; I knit…you get the idea. But we did both grow up surrounded by a hugely crafty family.
As kids, we were subjected to a number of Mum-sewn matching dresses (and matching perms). Here’s a good example:
I’m purple; Rae’s pink
This next photo doesn’t actually have anything to do with this post. But I thought you might like to see a photo of Rae when she was Elliot’s age.
It’s entirely possible that both of these outfits were handmade.
Well. Now that I’ve fulfilled my sisterly duty to embarrass Rae, shall we move on to a little knitting?
Here are a few of my favorite projects, for boys big and small. Click links for more details!
And lastly, but hopefully not leastly, here are a couple of boy-appropriate patterns I’ve designed myself!
Thanks Elli!  You can view more of Elli’s work over at   
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8 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Knitting Roundup by Elli

  1. Okay, yes. Those octo-mittens are awesome. I love the men's sweaters, too! I think my sisters and I had those SAME homemade matching dresses, if that's possible.

  2. love the knitting ideas (if only i could knit). it is refreshing to see ideas for boys, i have two boys and a girl. i can find a thousand things to make my girl but always come up blank for my boys. will be looking all month.

  3. We must have been raised in the same era. I had plenty of those same dresses with the lace bibs in the front. My sister and I got perms every 6 months and I remember always being so embarrassed going to school the day after because they were so curlly. Your sisters knitting is amazing.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I'm happy to see the birdwatching gloves. My hubby wants a pair of fingerless gloves and I like these. I just might have to make a pair. 🙂

    (By the way . . . I was surprised to see someone else uses "seester!" My friend and I have used it since grad school!)

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