GUEST POST: Little Boy Roundup by Shannon

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From Rae: I’m so happy to introduce our guest blogger for today, Shannon of luvinthemommyhood! A resident of Victoria, BC, and a former hairdresser (from the age of 15!), Shannon has been a full-time mom and blogger ever since the birth of her daughter in 2007. She has an amazing knack for finding tutorials and cool places online and sharing them with her readers. Her energy and sense of humor come through loud and strong in her posts and I always appreciate her brutal honesty about “life in the mommyhood.” One of my favorite things to read is her interviews of other mommy bloggers called “Moms in the Mommyhood” (my inner voyeur is always so intrigued when I get a small peek into others moms’ lives) She’s here today to share with us a fantastic roundup of online tutorials for little boys! Here’s Shannon:

hi everyone! i’m shannon from the blog luvinthemommyhood, where i dish on my attempts to sew, knit, craft, cook, parent and just plain survive (and love) life in the mommyhood. luvinthemommyhood is your source for a wealth of information ranging from handmade & repurposing projects, diy, mommyhood survival tips, to design, photography, music & books – i try to serve it up with humour and a dose of daily life in the mommyhood with my hubby, a soon to be 3 year old, and a little bean on the way.

when the sweet and lovely rae mentioned to me about her plans for “celebrate the boy” and that she wanted me to do a roundup i was ecstatic, and of course, i said yes! i love nothing more than a giant, inspirational roundup – they are my faves! i have a little girl and i’m currently pregnant with my second child, so the idea of doing a boy’s roundup after already doing a baby girl one on my site was too good to pass up. plus i am a huge, huge, fan of rae’s so just the idea of guest blogging on her site was enough to have me jumping around enough that i could have induced labour.

i scrounged, searched and spent many a night joined at the hip with my computer scouring the internet for the best projects for this roundup. there’s sewing, repurposing, knitting and crafts – a little something for everyone! i hope you discover lots of goodies for those special boys in your life and find yourself happy to be ditching the lace and ruffles for capes, knee patches and racetrack toys galore! so come join me and let’s help “celebrate the boy”!!!!

a big thank you to rae for having me over and for allowing me to be part of all the fun!!!!

Thanks so much Shannon! What a great collection of resources for all of us!

Today Brittany’s got a fantastic tutorial on how to make a collar…’tis the perfect thing to add to this shirt instead of a mandarin collar! Head over to MADE:

9 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Little Boy Roundup by Shannon

  1. Look at all the great stuff!! Excited about the collar tutorial to add to the shirt tutorial you posted the other day. I like my little guy in ties and having the collar is a must. =) (But I want to try out a couple of mandarin collars as well)

  2. Another fabulous round-up by Luvinthemommyhood. How I love it when you do this Shannon!
    That brown hat is calling my name. It's….yummy!(?)

  3. Thanks Rae (and Shannon) for this fun roundup! Just went and told Shannon that I love the brown snug – so classic. If ever I tried knitting, I'd want to make something like this – two rectangles sewn into tubes for sleeves, and a large rectangle with armholes cut out and sewn onto the sleeves – er, or is that cheating?

  4. Oooh, how exciting! I'm going to look at each little project in the roundup. And probably bookmark them all, too. And hopefully get to at least a few of them. Thanks also for the shout-out, Rae!

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