Do you ever have it where you stumble across a great blog you’ve never seen before and it’s like discovering gold and you get really pumped and speed-read all their archives?  That happened to me a few months ago with Chez Beeper Bebe.  It embarrasses me a little to admit this but after discovering Holly’s blog I immediately sent her a gushing email declaring/unleashing my new-found love for her blog (but please, don’t let that stop any of you…*beams*), and if she thought I was a stalker at least she didn’t let on in her most-gracious response.  It might be her background in creative writing, but Holly produces some of the most hilarious and well-written blog posts I’ve ever read AND her blog is crafty, so it’s one of my faves.  Holly’s got a day job in Corporate America and is also a wife and mother, but in her free time she upcycles unwanted textiles into all sorts of cool handmade things (mainly toys) which in addition to selling in her Etsy shop, she often shares tutorials for on her blog. Among her future goals: finishing her novel and “redesigning Little People for Fisher Price so they could be as cool as they once were.” Hear, hear, I say!  Here’s Holly to introduce you to her awesome Parachuting Softie:

Hello. I’m Holly. I make stuff from other’s people’s stuff they no longer want–you know, that whole reduce, reuse, recycle business. I have one energetic (read: sofa-leaping, light-saber wielding, trouncing on whomever is within range) 5 year old boy who inspired me to start my own little plushie-making business–which has since evolved to include other less-plush toys and a few things for babies. It’s mostly all about the under-10-years-old set.

And while I have always loved toys and found them creatively inspiring, my son is my main source of inspiration. Everything he does–from coloring everything using every crayon in his box, to his fascination with reptiles, to his unmitigated adoration of superheros–somehow, in some way, makes me want to make something new.

Which is how this little paratrooper tutorial came about–it was my own love of classic dimestore trinkets meeting his frustrated attempts to play with this awful, plastic-y parachute guy he brought home from a party that simply would not fly like a paratrooper should.
So, here we are. I have put together a little tutorial on how to make your very own paratrooper softie–made with reclaimed silk scarves only a grandmother could love (thank you local thrift store!). My tutorial also includes some ideas for variations, depending on your skill level, the amount of time you are willing to devote, or just your own inspiration (because if you are like me, you just somehow cannot make it exactly like the instructions tell you to). And there is a little landing pad too, for those so inclined to have a target at which to aim their paratroopers. Happy paratrooper-craft-landing!



From Rae: AWESOME!  I have fond memories of playing with a paratrooper toy off of Aunt Merry’s deck when I was a kid along with vague recollections of envy of my cousins Joel and Shawn for having such a great toy.  Good times.  I know an almost 3 year-old who is going to totally dig this!  Thanks so much Holly for joining in on Celebrate the BOY month and sharing such a fantastic tutorial. 


  1. I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog during Celebrate the BOY month! We just learned our first grandchild will be a boy and I'm so excited to use a lot of your ideas to spoil him. (Too bad I didn't have this resource when his dad was little – but I probably wouldn't have had enough time!) Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Love this!! I was annoyed with our cheapo dime store version from a party as well. And we have two birthdays coming up. Too cool!

  3. Haha–I just popped over to Holly's blog and lost myself there for a while too. I need to start finding babies to make things for…this stuff is too cute!!

  4. Very cool! I made a Make Way for Noddy softie last year for my son real quick. I printed, ironed onto white fabric, cut around, sewed it, and stuffed it! I didn't realize it was called a softie the idea came to me in the middle of the night so I woke up early on Easter morning and made it in time for our outing to the zoo that morning!

  5. I totally did the same thing when I found Chez Beeper Bebe! I even used something that her kid said as a facebook status!

    The one about ready to rock + roll?

    I read every single archive and bookmarked every single post just about!

    Thanks for reminding me! I havn't checked in on her for a long time! 😀

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