GUEST POST: Retro Race Car Appliqué by Jen

Introducing Jen of Puddle Jumping Designs as today’s guest blogger! I just recently discovered Jen’s blog and I was so impressed with her work that I knew I needed to feature Jen’s work here to help us Celebrate the Boy! I think you’ll love the amazing appliqué she has to share with us today. A little about her: Jen’s career as an artistic entrepeneur began selling painted rocks door to door at the wee age of five. She studied graphic design in school and has had some unusual hobbies including ice skating, stained glass mosaics and wire sculpture. Once she accidentally auditioned for the Cincinnatti Opera (I’d love to hear the story there!). She now contracts design work from home where she takes care of her kids and runs Puddle Jumping Designs. Here’s more from Jen:


I am a mom of a boy and a girl, ages 4 and 2.5, respectively. When I entered into motherhood, I had to have a creative outlet and took up sewing again after a very long hiatus. Like many of the other bloggers involved in Celebrate the BOY, I found no end of crushingly adorable patterns and crafts for my daughter, but almost nothing cute or fun for my boy. Forget about edgy!

Out of that dilemma I decided to start the blog, Puddle Jumping Designs in the fall of 2009. Puddle Jumping Designs was created on the belief that not all patterns have to be about dresses, ruffles, flowers and pink. Not that there is anything wrong with those things. While these designs were created with boys in mind, they are in no way, limited to boys only. What girl doesn’t love a good muscle car, bug, or truck?

So, while the blog is fairly new, my crafting and designs are not. I have been sewing and crafting with the boy in mind for about three years now and as 2010 progresses, there will be more good stuff added to the site.

The Retro Race Car
Tutorial and Free Downloadable Pattern

I am very pleased to offer this tutorial on how to do an easy, very fun appliqué design with no sewing at all! I know, most of you reading this are probably sewers on some level, but this makes doing the appliqué a super-fast project.

Dress up anything with this pattern, you are not limited to t-shirts alone. With the double-sided fusible web, you can use this Retro Race Car to personalize almost anything, a backpack, tote, sleeping bag, pant leg … you get the idea. Scrapbookers can also get in on the fun by using the pattern as a template for paper.

Please follow this LINK to download your very own copy of the Retro Race Car instructions and pattern.
By downloading this PDF pattern, you agree to use this pattern for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not sell this pattern or offer it for public use. Craft responsibly!

Hop on over to The Puddle to check out the rest of the tutorial. While you are there, you can find other appliqué patters, crafts and tutorials:

Thanks everyone and thanks to Rae and Dana for coming up with this great idea! I can’t wait to start on all of the wonderful tutorials being posted this month.

– Jen

Thanks so much Jen! I know this was already mentioned but it bears repeating: please respect Jen’s use policy; she has generously offered her appliqués for personal use only. Be sure to subscribe to Puddle Jumping Designs to keep up with Jen’s work!

Today Dana’s got a guest showing us how to make a messenger bag…head over to MADE to check it out!

11 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Retro Race Car Appliqué by Jen

  1. that is definitely the coolest applique I've ever seen. Usually when I hear "applique" I picture girly, with zigzagged edges. You've given it new light in my mind!
    Thanks for sharing with us Jen.

  2. what a cutie! and a great idea for the applique, i love that the body of the car is denim, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Loving your model's expressions. He does a good job of cheesing it up for the camera! Such a cutie pie!!!!

  4. Thanks, everybody! I feel so good that you like the appliqué. We like things quirky and edgy around here … just like our boy. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments and hope you'll download a few patterns to try out!

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