GUEST POST: Trinket Keepers Tutorial by Traci

From Rae: I’m so excited to introduce our guest blogger for today, Traci of Amazing Mae!  Last summer I made myself a skirt with her splendid ruffled skirt tutorial and now she’s here to show you another great tutorial for Trinket Keepers for boys!  Traci lives with her husband, daughter, and sons in Louisville, Kentucky where her husband builds affordable energy efficient homes.  Before kids she was a tour operator/travel agent and she still dreams about all the places she’ll go!  Her favorite sewing project is adding appliques to anything and everything because it’s so quick and makes something instantly one-of-a-kind (I love seeing the designs she comes up with, see photos below).  Traci also runs an Etsy shop, may & mae, along with Melissa of The Polka Dot Chair

Here’s Traci:
I am the mother of three boys -three boys who get sorely neglected when it comes to hand made items from their mom. Yet, I always intend to make them something, but take the easy route and make something for my three year old girl. I was so excited when Rae told me about her and Dana’s idea to Celebrate the Boy. It gave me a great reason to concentrate on these three monkeys. I have really enjoyed asking their opinions and sharing ideas with them. Over the years, some of the things I have loved sewing for them and other little boys are: pjs, shorts in the summer, tooth fairy pillows when it’s that fun time, appliqued onesies for new baby boys, blankets, freezer paper stenciled t-shirts, iron on transfer t-shirts with their art, and road trip pillowcases:

Speaking of the easy route, I tend to make things that can be done in under an hour(or so). I have figured out that it’s my style because I have a hard time concentrating on things for much longer than that. My mind jumps, so if the project takes too long, I might just drop it all together. So, I wanted the tutorial I shared to be easy (under an hour), but cool. Cool enough for my eleven year old to appreciate!

After seeing all their little collections around our house, I came up with these trinket keepers. These little pouches hook on to their belt loops or backpacks, making it easy to carry their favorite Pokemon cards, Bakugan, or even their DSi.

They are extremely simple and so much fun because the ideas are endless. If I had endless time there I would have made even more because I kept thinking of more things to put inside these pouches.

 View the full tutorial for Trinket Keepers over at Amazing Mae
Thanks Traci!  This is such a simple yet brilliant idea. Elliot is always toting around tiny little toys in his hands and then freaking out when he loses them.  We have a Thomas toy very similar to the one in the photos, so guess who’s getting one of these for his birthday next month??  Be sure to stop by Traci’s blog and thank her for sharing her ideas with us!
Now go see what Dana’s doing today:

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  1. These are SOOOO cute….love that I found something crafty for boys – there is a lot of girly stuff out there, but hard to find cool stuff for boys, thanks!

  2. I love this! And I'm intrigued by your posts celebrating boys! I have 3 (and my fourth child is a girl.) Love my boys!


  3. Those are awesome!! We have a few road trips planned for this summer and those will be GREAT for the car organization! Thanks!!

  4. haha, traci, when I saw these on your site I thought….these would be the perfect thing to share for BOY month. HAAH! You're about 10 steps ahead of me.
    BRILLIANT. Thanks for sharing!

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