Hallelujah he actually wears it!

I may have had to resort to bribery in the past to get my little guy to wear the stuff I made for him (In this post you can actually see him holding his bowl of sprinkles so I could get photos).  Happily, that phase seems to have passed; now when he wears stuff I’ve made for him he says, “Mommy YOU made this shirt for ME!”  So it’s pretty sweet.  I’m not naive enough to think this will last forever, but I’m trying to enjoy it for now. 

See the tutorials for how to make this shirt and how to add the pockets.

13 thoughts on “Hallelujah he actually wears it!

  1. Holy guacamole, when did he get so BIG?

    Cute shirt, as always 🙂 Isn't it nice when "mommy made" means something? It's fleeting, I've heard, so we'll try and make the most of it 🙂

  2. Too cute! Good for you, I have actually had my son try on little girl things for me that I made so I could take pictures for our now closed ETSY shop. Poor kid! LOL

  3. My daughter will throw an all out fit if I try to get her to wear something I recently made. A couple weeks ago she refused to wear a new top I made so I told her she couldn't go to MOPS, which is where we were headed. What's up with this preschool age?

  4. That's adorable! And that phase WILL last forever if you make the right things. When my boys grew too old for the "homemade" boy clothes, I changed directions to find something that they do like. They're grown now, and they love the boxers that I make for them!

  5. Rae – sometimes it lasts forever…Peter (12) stood up in his 7th grade social studies discussion about manufacturing and proudly proclaimed that his jacket (which he calls his "signature piece, LOL) was custom made for him. (by me)

    It still feels as wonderful as when I surprised him with a little fleece shirt when he was 4 and he wore it everyday.

  6. I'm looking forward to my son liking what I sew him. I made my kids Christmas outfits. My son has a crying fit every time we put the pants on him. It was the most complicated thing I had ever sewn, with belt loops, top stitching, pockets, and a fly! But he wanted nothing to do with them–broke my heart!

  7. My kids are reluctant to wear things I make for them too. My daughter has been bribed with sprinkles, chocolate milk, and bubble gum to name a few. It's hard when they have an opinion. Love your stuff Rae!

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