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I am SO EXCITED about the response we’ve been getting to “Celebrate the Boy!”  Thank you to everyone who has commented and posted about it on your blogs.

I am really struck by how this topic seems to resonate with so many of you.  Some of you have been on the Crafting-For-Boys warpath for a long time.  Others have tons of great resources on your blogs that you want to share with everyone.  I’ve also been amazed at all of the awesomeness that has been popping up in our special Celebrate the Boy! Photo Pool set up especially for this month – there is definitely some major talent showing up over there:

Row 1
1. Broek met plooike voor Thijs (Pants for Thijs), 2. The Growing Nest., 3. birthday abe, 4. race car cake,
Row 2
5. De autostoel opnieuw bekleed, 6. for Rav: handspun Thorpe, 7. Back of crown — it’s reversible!, 8. Robot Invites 1,
Row 3
9. sophisticate 1 :: little sir, 10. Ruttunen Corduroy Pants, 11. New Pants, 12. Skeleton Mask,
Row 4
13. soft scarf (3 & 4), 14. Jared’s quilt, 15. Quilts for Ruben Twins 6, 16. Rudy the Octopus

So if you’ve got boy stuff to share, please post it in the Celebrate the Boy! pool so everyone can enjoy and be inspired by your work! 

And HOLD ON, because here is another place you should show off all that boy stuff you’ll be crafting this month and beyond!  It’s the Handmade Crafts for Boys photo pool and it’s Admin is none other than the lovely Joanna of Stardust Shoes, who not only did I have the pleasure of meeting the other day for the very first time in person, but who is also going to be one of my guest bloggers this month!  Here is a small sampling of the great stuff from a just few of the pool’s nearly 900 members:

Row 1
1. baby boy quilt, 2. Fabulous Felt Food!, 3. Ryan’s Easter Bunny, 4. I’ve been busy,
Row 2
5. Super Monkey- w/ mask, 6. Green thtwipey thnake2, 7. Bean Bag Backs, 8. ruby,
Row 3
9. Julian Self Portrait4, 10. appliqued monkey tee with pants, 11. Green Happy Horned Monster on blue tee, 12. Amostra de bichinhos para Simone – sachês de lavanda,
Row 4
13. shoulder bag for boy- car, 14. antique gold and chocolate baby unisex booties with mushroom motifs, 15. Blue Elephant Bib, 16. for a little boy

Isn’t it fun to see what everyone else is doing?  Now go make something!

16 thoughts on “Strut your stuff

  1. just today discovered your blog and I love the BOY theme! It has been 20+ years since I have made small boy things but now they are big boys and I still can use ideas for boy stuff… In fact I am in the process of recycling some sheets into grocery totes for my older boy…

  2. These are great. I especially love the race car cake. I have 2 girls, but I will keep these ideas in mind for gifts for boys.

  3. I only have girls, a daughter who is 21 today! and granddaughter Sophie, so am always stumped when it comes to making a 'boy' gift. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  4. Hey thanks for giving my robot invites a picture shout out!! I am so excited for all the boy stuff. I am the mom of three boys and I constantly have to think outside the box to craft for my little men.

    Love the idea of boy month!

  5. Love it! I have a girl but am pregnant with a little man now and really have to get on the boy crafts. This is a great kickstart for me, thanks.

  6. thanks for putting up one of my photos! love the idea of boy month. i have 3 little guys and i am so excited to check out all the good stuff!

  7. Thanks so much for including me in your post! I feel so honored. I am thrilled about all these fabulously fun boy crafts.

  8. This is so great! As a mum of two boys and a maker of boys stuff I'm always so happy to see fun handmade things for boys.

    Thanks so much for adding my Green monster on blue tee (no.11) to this mosaic of photo's too!!


  9. i was so excited to see my love ninja as part of your post on this blog. i think it's such a great idea because boys do get pushed to the side sometimes compared to girl stuff. i can't wait to see what else is in store to celebrate the boy!

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