Baby Tights Madness

I’ve been in serious baby-clothes-sewing withdrawal.  Sooooo…look what I made this weekend:

 {please don’t use pictures of Clementine without permission — thanks}

Oh and I may have gone a little crazy and made a few more.

{Striped recycled cotton jersey from Pacific Fabrics}

And guess what?  I took pictures, so a tutorial’s on the way.  Fun, fun, fun!!!

69 thoughts on “Baby Tights Madness

  1. i'm very excited about this one. can't wait for the tutorial!! they look awsome! and to buy cutie tights, expensive!

  2. Agreed! Buying cute baby tights can become expensive – I'm also looking forward to the tutorial on this one.

  3. Clementine is adorable!
    I love that picture where she is sitting and sucking her thumb (reminds me of my little brother who is now 12 years old. Time flies by…).

  4. I thought "a baby tights tute? Too good to be true". I LOVE being this wrong… They look beautiful – soooo cute.

  5. Looking forward to the tutorial. My Cadie is just a bit younger than Clementine, and she loves tights. Okay, I love her in tights!

  6. AWESOME! I have never thought of making tights! My "baby" will be 7 in 9 days, but maybe I can figure out how to make them big for her long lanky legs.

    She is so cute, by the way!!!

  7. Your baby girl is sooo cute!! She looks just so precious! You must be a proud mama! The tights look adorable on her!

  8. Love, love, love the tights. I can't wait for the tutorial. Super excited. It is just what I have been looking for. And your baby is uber cute modeling them for us!

  9. So cute!! Tights are expensive so I'm looking forward to the tutorial.

    What material did you use?

  10. Too too cute. Can't wait for a tutorial, it never entered my head to make them (duh) such an adorable model too xx

  11. Those are pretty darn cute. I don't have anyone that they would fit but I would probably make a dozen just for fun.

  12. SO stinkin' cute! I can't wait for your tutorial — JellyBean is in SERIOUS need of some cute tights!!


  13. I can't wait for the tutorial! I'm also very excited to begin sewing TOPS. If I can figure out how to download and print the new digital pattern I bought, I'll be in business!

  14. These are adorable! I'm excited for your tutorial. Our baby girl is going to grow out of her tights soon and, really, she could use some warmer ones anyway. Yay!

  15. No way! Those are FABULOUS. Seriously. Oh, please share a tutorial. I am totally in love. Fun stuff!

  16. hi!

    I like the green one very well! But all are very nice…really lovely!

    best wishes anita

  17. How absolutely adorable! (I am not sure which is more adorable, the tights themselves, or the pictures). Can't wait for this tute, in fact you've inspired me to head straight for the shops to get some stripes ready and waiting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. THAT is some serious baby cuteness. Does it make your ovaries hurt to look at her? It does mine.

  19. OMG! That is so cute! I never really considered that you could make baby tights, always thought it was something you would have to buy.

  20. So. So. SO. Cute! And the leggings are great too! 😉 I'm trying hard to do something for spring top week this year, but there's a lot going on. *fingers crossed*

  21. Could not have come at a better time!

    Niece #2 just had baby girl #1 this morning! Now, Niece #1 already has girls #1,#2, and #3, with girl #4 due in July, sooooo, this is great!

    What fabric did you use?

    Your little girl is adorable!

  22. OMG!!!! Can we say adorable!!!! Geez…that kid is scrumptious! Cannot wait for the tutorial!

  23. Perfect!! I was just wondering how I could do this rather than purchasing tights to go with a homemade dress for my friend's baby gift! Thanks so much, can't wait!!

  24. soooo cute! I am looking forward to the tutorial…My little one loves tights (or at least I love tights on her!)

  25. I would have never thought to make tights! leggin's, yes – but tights? Brilliant! looking forward to the tute. (and Clementine is just precious!!)

  26. O.M.G.
    can she be any more stinkin' cute?!

    nothing is sweeter than red + white striped tights.
    except maybe a matching headband!

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