Oh!  Is it March already?!  I guess Celebrate the BOY month should technically be over…but I won’t tell if you don’t, OK?

I wanted to set aside a special post for costumes, because I think it’s one of the popular things parents sew for their boys, hands down.  There’s something motivating about going to the store and seeing all those plasticky polyester ghoul costumes at Halloween that really gets us sewing, no?  And those of you who never touch your sewing machine will rally when it comes to making a birthday costume for a party. So when I asked for you guys to post your boy costumes the other day, I should have been prepared for the overwhelming response:

 1. king’s cloak, 2. Flying Monkey, 3. captain c!, 4. Heman Costume, 5. wizard cloth, 6. Xmas tree costume – Fato Arvore de Natal, 7. IMG_7056, 8. 11010905, 9. Little Astronaut Man , 10. caterpillar, 11. Rocket Ship, 12. Recyclobot Waves, 13. James Madison, 14. Monkey! Halloween 2008, 15. Dragon outfits, 16. Superhero 025, 17. IMG_7524, 18. Bolt Costume, 19. Dragon Costume, 20. surgeons outfit, 21. my little knight, 22. IMG_2001, 23. dragon costume – back, 24. Owl costume, Simplicity 2531, 25. little football player 2

1. Dinosaur Costume, 2. flame shot, 3. ninja, 4. home made haloween bambam , 5. robot, 6. DSC_00702009-10-31crop, 7. army, 8. recycle man, 9. Musketeer Halloween Costume, 10. Mouse & Cheese, 11. clown, 12. “Buddy the T Rex”  Costumes, 13. Dinosaur Costume, 14. Captain Aesop!, 15. Lego costumes, 16. Little Cowboy

I can’t even begin to talk about each one of these, but that spaceship up there (top mosaic, third row, left side) really cracked me up.  I mean, can you imagine walking around the neighborhood in that?  Those legos are really clever too (bottom row of the mosaic right above).  And lots of dragons in the pool, lots of Max:

1. IMG_0684, 2. max.jpg, 3. max, 4. Halloween 2009, 5. Max and Wild Thing costume, 6. Wild Rumpus

Thanks so much to everyone for posting your costumes!  And there’s even more in the Celebrate the BOY Flickr Pool.

13 thoughts on “CELEBRATE THE BOY ROUNDUP: Costume Edition

  1. Thanks you so much for the month of boy stuff! My little one is just 6 months and I can't wait to make some of this stuff for him in the future! I love your blog!

  2. Wow, so cool to see my dragon outfits here 🙂 !
    Thanks so much for your wonderfull boy month!

  3. That's my little man up there 🙂

    What a fun group of photos. I love seeing all the cute costumes.

  4. Thanks so much for a great month (who was the bright spark that made Feb the shortest month)

    I have really enjoyed it and have made a list of things on my blog with the links that I would like to make.

  5. You are all so creative and clever! I have some good ideas for this Halloween. Year before last my baby boy was 4 months old and I made him an alarm clock costume and went in my pajamas, bathrobe, slippers, and curlers in my hair. That was my proudest clever moment that I'm proud of.

  6. How fun!! I made all of my son's costumes when he was little (he's 32 now) and even kept some…spaceman, ET, George Washington etc. They were my most enjoyable sewing.

  7. Oh for cute! Between my two daughters we've used our clown costume for the past three years- I've been lucky so far, I've only had to make one costume 🙂 (And if boys come along, they can totally wear it too!:) These are so adorable!

  8. yall are just too much fun!! i love it!! thanks for all the boy stuff and all of your awesome encouragement and inspiration!! i will miss boy week!!

  9. I'm so bummed that I wasn't able to join Celebrate the Boy this time, but I have loved peeking in from afar when I could snatch a quick mo. When I was working on the pieces for my book Fairy Tale Knits, I found myself completely in love with the process of designing for boys. I want to do lots more of it in the future. Thanks for this celebration!…it has been truly inspiring!

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