Elliot is three.

Elliot’s birthday was yesterday so I’ve been busy celebrating that (and making super-hero capes during naps instead of spring tops) and eating cupcakes.  I wish I could give you a beautiful birthday party spread like Jess complete with diggers but really we just had a few chaotic mornings filled with playing friends, lots of drumset banging and chasing up and down the hall.  Trying to pretend there was any sort of theme besides cupcakes would be misleading.

 one day old
In fact am not sure I can sit down and finish this post (UPDATED: I didn’t, had to write it in two tries).  The main problem is that there is so much sugar pulsing through my veins from the massive quantities of cupcakes I’ve consumed in the last 24 hours that my hands are shaking.  The other problem is that Thing One is supposed to be napping but instead is in his room screaming “NOOOO!” over and over and now Thing Two has woken up too.  At least she’s talking calmly to herself.  And I wasted the first half (?) of naptime looking for the pants in this post, which are completely lost and gone forever.  I am certain my Closet Eats Things.  Let’s just say this is not the first time, and that I’ve had my suspicions for some time now.
at one

Anyway, back to the main thing here.  My little tiny baby Elliot is three.  Waaaaaah!  OK, lame I know.  We’ve all read the “my baby is NINE…bwaaah” and “my baby is TWENTY…waahahaha” posts.  But seriously, it’s still hard (and yet wonderful) to watch your baby grow up, even when he’s only three. In fact, I remember thinking in the hospital “I can’t believe he’s already a DAY old!” and at the same time it felt like we had known him forever. 

at two

At three Elliot is just such an exuberant, energetic, hilarious little guy.  He loves to sing at the top of his lungs, dance, drum, yell, count things.  He says all these funny things that only sound really cute to his parents, so I won’t type them here.  “M is for FRENCH FRIES!” is one of our favorites though (think about where french fries come from if you don’t get it).

 at three
{please do not use pictures of Elliot without permission}

OK, but now Clementine has moved into phase two: crying.  Gotta go.  Have a happy weekend!  I’ll be back soon with more on Spring Top Week 2010, specifically: PRIZES!!!

23 thoughts on “Elliot is three.

  1. Happy birthday to your little guy! Oh yeah, and I love "Thing One" and "Thing Two" . . . hilarious!

  2. Not only do you make cute tops, you make even cuter kids :). How's number three coming along, bwahahaha!

    I totally get the 'bittersweet' birthday feeling. And I've done it 6 times now (waaaahhh) and each time I get a bit sad. It passes quickly though with the next thought being, when will he be 18?!? ;).

    Happy Day!

  3. Happy Birthday Elliot!

    I have to say I always look a bit baffled when I see pictures of birthdays where everything is perfectly planned AND executed, in some sort of theme and *gasp* colour scheme. It somehow never happens that way here πŸ™‚

  4. Oh so cute! I love these kind of posts. I'm a month behind posting lucy's bday pics πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday Elliot!

  5. Happy Bday to your little man! He's so adorable! I hope you guys had a great day!

    P.s. I'll get those questions off to ya in the next week or two πŸ˜› Super excited!

  6. Happy Birthday to the little man πŸ™‚ Three is an exciting age to be!

    BTW, just saw teeny weeny pianos online for the first time the other night, and you have one…do the kids love it? Have you tried the color-coded music with them? I'm weighing my options for music lessons next year with E during homeschool, and am torn between piano, recorder/flute, and xylophone. I just can't decide… I mean, beyond the obvious Mass Quantities of Singing that will be present. Because, you know, this is ME.

  7. Happy Birthday to Elliot! He shares a birthday with my little three old, Noah. πŸ™‚ In my case, he is my last baby. I REALLY want more, but DH doesn't, so this birthday is hitting me really hard. Being a mama is so wonderful, but it sure does go fast!

  8. Happy birthday, little dude!!!!

    And we're ALL about the cupcake-themed birthday parties. πŸ˜‰

  9. I love reading your blog – happy 3 to your little boy and you, my granddaughter is almost 3 – what a fun age to sew for!

  10. Happy Birthday Elliot. And I am absolutely certain cupboards eat clothes and shelves hide toys and chairs paint on tables. There's just no other explanation.

  11. Oh, what pattern are you using to make your superhero capes? My boys are dying for some, and I've already bought the fabric. I just haven't yet figured out how to make them!

  12. Oh Rae Elliot is such a cute little boy! His hair is so cute! I'm freaking out that Vin is almost 11months! i'm going to die when he hits 3!

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