A little Friday babble.

If it seems quiet around here lately, it’s because I really am working on my Spring Tops (can you hear the humming of my machine?)  I am hoping to have five new tops to show off and maybe this is a bit ambitious, but yesterday I started dreaming (and drafting) a new tutorial to post too.  It will have to be a sew-along (meaning it happens over a few days) but I’m really really hoping it will get off the ground in time.  If you’re interested, here’s the one I did last year to launch top week.  It’s funny how I look at it now and have about a bajillion things I’d change about it, but lots of you seem to like it, so if you’re happy, I’m happy.  

Speaking of changing things, I also just started version two of the Itty Bitty Baby Dress pattern, this one in multiple sizes (which many of you have been asking me for, for YEARS!) and that Buttercup Bag needs a facelift too.  You can’t imagine how many things I want to improve about this blog (and my patterns) not to mention the NEW things I want to do.

Which brings me to the other thing I’ve been doing for the past couple weeks, looking for preschools for Elliot.  He’s three now, which still seems so little to me.  But he talks nonstop and counts (to 12!) and loves to play with other kids and lately has been asking to go to “playschool,” which is what his little TV-character friend Caillou* calls it.  I think he’ll really enjoy preschool and it will give me a couple hours more a week to work (do you realize I do all the work here during naps and after bed?  It’s hard to squeeze it all in!) while Clementine takes her morning nap.  I actually looked into and even visited a daycare too, thinking I’d maybe want to put both of them there a couple mornings a week, but I just can’t do it.  It’s too hard for me to think about right now.  It’s hard for me either way though: do I try to do it all and go insane, or do I sacrifice time with my kids to work or just let the work go for a few years and hope it will still be there when my kids are older?  A conundrum, I tell you.

* a show I can’t be in the same room with, it’s so annoying…but it’s his favorite, what can I do? At least since he watches it while I’m in the shower I can minimize my exposure.

I just read this post (and this one) on Bloom the other day about picking schools, and I know there are tons of conversations online about this.  So interesting to me, now that I’m there, and I know some of you are in the middle of this too, and might like to read it.

So tell me, how many of you are still working on your Spring Tops?  How many are we going to have this year?  I’m really curious.  Just two short weeks left!!!

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  1. I've got 2 tops done and may have 3 in the end…we'll see how that plan goes. Love looking at all the beautiful tops in the pool! And just enjoy your kids – there will always be work and they grow up way too fast. πŸ™‚

  2. Skip daycare for sure, and look for a preschool that's maybe only two days a week — one you can get out of if it just doesn't work out for him! He's still so little! :o) My son is just a few months older than yours, and I am debating the preschool question myself…..

    I too have a ZILLION things I would like to do with my blog — and a BAJILLION projects I would like to work on. There JUST ISN'T TIME. But one day there will be, I am sure of it. All the kids will be in school before I know it, and I'll have a few hours a day.

    But for now I need to spend more time actually PLAYING WITH my kids. All that other stuff will still be there — but my kids will only be little for a few short years!

  3. I wanted so badly to have a top for Spring Top week this year! But alas, I never would have guessed so much could come up in the past two weeks that have prevented me from even sketching out my design. I still have high hopes, but I'm afraid I won't be able to see it through. *fingers crossed* I can at least get one of your tops made from your tutorial! (the one I made last year is a little small in the bust area now…)

  4. I've submitted two so far and I've got a pretty solid idea for a 3rd …beyond that I'm not sure. Thanks for hosting this, it's been a blast!

  5. I feel your pain for Caillou! My son turned 3 in February and I have a 19month old daughter so I think he relates to Caillou on age and being a big brother-similar to your son. I'm trying to enroll him in some summer playgroups and swimming classes until fall. Does your son have a pretend teacher named "Miss Martin" just like Caillou? Mine does :/

  6. I choked on my water when I read the Caillou part. It is, without a doubt the most annoying show ever. I have threatened my family to never let my daughter watch it, for fear that she'll love it.

  7. No spring tops here but I'm totally with you on Caillou – he whines way too much. I've started telling my daughter Caillou is broken so she can't watch it. We've found Kipper to be an awesome replacement πŸ™‚

  8. I've got two tops done and three more in the works! I just have to remember to post them before time runs out.

    Your contest even gave me the inspiration to finish a springy crochet sweater that I've been working on for a long time. I know that I can't enter it in the contest, but I'm super duper happy with it.

    Try one morning a week of daycare. If you like it, try a second morning. If you don't like it, stop bringing them. A very wise older lady told me that you don't have to love your children with all of your time in order to love them with all of your heart. You will be a happier (and therefore better) mommy if you make time for yourself when you want and/or need it.

  9. My daughter started preschool this year and absolutely loves it. It gave me a little time to myself until my 2nd baby arrived. Now he gets a little one on one time with me while his sister is at preschool. Maybe find a Mother's Day Out program/preschool if you want to drop them both off at the same place.
    I'm amazed how much you get done during naps and at night. I wish I could accomplish more a day.

  10. I've got none done but ambitions to get 2 in. lol I'll be able to work on them more once the event I'm having on Saturday is over.

    One will be from a pattern and the other I've got some ideas but not positive on it's design yet.

  11. I have been a bad, bad blurker…but I finally came out to comment. πŸ™‚

    When my oldest turned 5 and I sent that tiny little boy away on a bus I cried my eyes out. I did again when my next turned 5…

    We have been homeschooling now for over a year and it is truly the BEST thing I have EVER done for my kids. When my 3rd hits 5 (this year) he will start school "officially" (because we have always done preschool at home and with groups of little ones) this year, it will be at home.

    This is a MAJOR decision how to school your kids with so many options. I wish you luck with your decision.

  12. Cannot stand Calliou – don't even like the books. Have you seen Dragon Tales, it is almost as bad. If your son s asking to go to school, he is probably ready. My daughter started Montessori, a month before she turned 2. Early, but she was an only child (now has a sister) and she needed more interaction with other kids (and other adults for that matter). She really likes it.

    Good luck with your decision.

  13. my son goes to preschool 2 days a week and he loves it!! I think being around other children and being independent is wonderful!

  14. i finished one top but saw the others in the pool and thought, dear lord, i cannot enter this one! so – i'm on top 2 and am feeling much better about it! going to the mpls textile center garage sale tomorrow so perhaps i'll make another with one of my scores! as for daycare, my little one goes each and every day. i would love to limit it but i have to work outside the home and i must say she absolutely loves it (daycare, that is). good luck with your decision! and your tops, of course.

  15. This is just how I feel personally so if you don't like my opinion I won't be offended if you ignore it. you definitely have to do what feels right to you.

    Me though…I figure that my kids are small for a short amount of time. Pretty soon (and I already notice it a little bit with my five year old) I will be begging for them to want to spend time with me. The crafting opportunities may or may not be there later. But I have to ask myself? How will I feel five years from now? Can I live with regret over my crafts/career or regret over my kids? My kids win every time. I can live with the what ifs that come when I sacrifice my crafting but I definitely cannot live with the what ifs if I sacrifice time to love and nurture my children.

    Good luck to you in your journey to figure out what feels right to you!

  16. I have made 2 tops and I am planning to make at least another one. This contest has motivated me A LOT !
    I cannot help you for the school question as here in France, school starts at 3 years ols. And my daughter is starting in September (which is breaking my heart!)

  17. I think I have a unique perspective as i have one child getting ready to graduate high school and a 6 month old, oh and 6 more inbetween lol But anyway, just wanted to say they grow SO FAST! It literally seems like yesterday that my 17 year old was just a small baby. I wish I would have enjoyed my older children more when they were little. You can never have that time back. Like you, I have all sorts of ideas swirling around in my head, but not nearly enough time to do them. I figure one day, I will have lots of time. So, for now, I do what i can and enjoy my children. My 8th is my last baby and I am trying to soak up every minute.

    Oh, and I have thoroughly enjoyed Spring Top week! I have entered one top and hope to have one more done before it's over : D

  18. I think you and I are in a similar place. My boys are Huck, who is 3.5 and Milo, who is 22 months. I, too, don't have enough hours to create, blog, write a book, clean up and be with my kids, and preschool seems to hold an answer for at least a few extra hours a week. I thought I might share my experience with preschool-searching with you. I decided against putting Huck in preschool last fall (he had just turned 3), when all of his little friends from our playgroup started going. I also thought he was too little and it was unnecessary. But, suddenly, his socialization dropped dramatically. We didn't really have playdates anymore because ALL of his little friends were in school. Anyway, he has also been asking to go to school, and we decided to start him this fall. However, all of the "preschools" I was looking into within our price range just felt like daycare. I knew he would still have fun at any one of them, but something nagged at me. And then yesterday I visited a co-op preschool. It blew me away. I fell deeply in love with it! There was such a sense of community because all of the parents work at the school once or twice a month–so all of the parents know all of the kids. This particular school was also very play-based and followed a natural lifestyle philosophy. Structured, but they didn't focus on academics. Rather, on building skills that will help with academics later (lots of fine motor play). There was a rack of capes for dress-up, all wooden & natural material toys, homemade playdough, and the snacks are all organic with no store-bought juices, etc. And the outdoor play area had no cookie-cutter plastic houses and slides . . . this was the first school I visited that I felt would truly nurture Huck, and not just watch him for me for a few hours. The co-op option (say that 10 times fast) would afford me less "me" time than a traditional preschool, but more time than I have now. It's worth looking into. Sorry that was so long, but I hope it helps!

  19. your caillou is my upside-down show :/

    i've entered two tops and am hoping to get at least one more in!

  20. Hi Rae, I look forward to the changes you're making. I'd just LOVE to you release the Itty Bitty Baby Dress with a license to sell πŸ™‚

    I just made your Buttercup Bag (larger version) last night. It needs a few finishing touches, but a great bag and very simple to make. Thankyou! Love it!

    Nat πŸ™‚

  21. Still planning to get a top done next week. Maybe one more repurposed T-shirt. Being sick is not helping me finish!

  22. If your little boy is asking to go then he is more than likely ready.
    I had to go back to work when little Guy was 12 months and although it was very very hard he loves going to daycare. He loves the learning and playing and socialising.

    And truthfully it makes you appreciate them even more when they come home!

  23. I have three tops entered so far and definitely plan on being one of the gals who gets all 5 entered! That's my goal…I'm working on my fourth one now… Yeah! It's so rewarding and I have just a ton of more wearable tops now! So, thanks a million, Rae…and I have like 10 buttercups made already with the purchase of your bag pattern back in February. I think I'd like in…starting my etsy store soon!

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