A rainbow of tops

Pinks: 1. Dotted Swiss Simplicity by Sonja, 2. pinkie by joeysews, 3. red floral by tere, 4. Spring Top #4 by Molly, 5. Fluttering Rose Top by BumblebeeGrace

Reds: 1. Simplicity Pattern 2594 by Jenny, 2. Japanes bias tank by Heather, 3. Pullover Top with Neckline Slit by HeatherM, 4. red voile blouse by perdoozy, 5. Boxy to Foxy by Meg/Brassy Apple

Oranges: 1. Yellow Flower Tunic by Jenny, 2. Patricia Tunic by Rileygolden, 3. sexy back by chia, 4. Ruffle Tank by Zaaberry, 5. Voile Maternity Top by Kelly

Yellows: 1. Yellow cherries top, 2. Soleil top by Chia, 3. McCall’s 5522 by Katie, 4. spring top 1 by Ana, 5. Weekend Voile Blouse by Ginger

Greens: 1. Ruffle me up! , 2. voile shirt by corinnea’s chaos, 3. Cotton V-neck by Trisha, 4. Spring Leaves Maternity Top by Kelly, 5. Green Flowered Halter by Zaaberry

Blues: 1. Cabo Halter by Kay, 2. RTW copy tee by Katie, 3. V-Neck Pullover Top by Steph, 4. Chambray Top by Holly, 5. Cobalt Blue Pullover by Jodi

Purples: 1. The Liverpool Tunic by Kim, 2. the shouldhaveironedit shirt by Olive-olive, 3. Purple floral blouse by Rhilborn, 4. Pink Passion Top by Joy 2 Sew, 5. Stripe play by Sarah

Greys:1. Tunic ‘O’ from Stylish Dress Book 1, by Sylvie, 2. B&W Knit Top by Thread Fancy, 3. gray ruffle top by wan-nabe, 4. sweet top by chia, 5. Cynthia Rowley Simplicity Pattern 2593 by Jenny

 Blacks: 1. Flower Shell by Kristin, 2. Men Tshirt to Summer tank top – by Molly @ Me and Madeline, 3. BWOF 04/2009-112 by Katie(Kid MD), 4. Flowers and Lace Spring Top, 5. Darling Top by Jodell

 Browns: 1. Schoolhouse Tunic by Faith, 2. Jazzed up tee by Sarah, 3. vintage copy knit flowers_Edith, 4. Knit Top by DavidandDaisy, no pattern, 5. Ruffles…can we call it a cardigan?  by Raining Gumdrops

Whites: 1. Ruffle Top by Sarah Seitz, 2. White Linen Blouse by Jenny, 3. Light white ruffle wrap shirt by StacyCK, 4. Sascha’s Schoolhouse Tunic, 5. “In Full Bloom” by Sarah from 2 Giggle Boxes

Spring Top Week is next week (ack!) and this is the last week to enter your tops in the Official Spring Top Entry Pool.  For those of you who haven’t been perusing as obsessively as I have, I thought I’d put together a collection of the entries as a preview*. And can I tell you how fun this was?  So many lovely colors and prints and styles. 
*I know this probably goes without saying, but I’d like to remind everyone that inclusion in this post has nothing to do with final scores; I merely plucked these beauties out based on color and their presence here says nothing about my opinions about them or those that didn’t happen to make it into this post.

The judges have been diligently scoring away since the beginning of April and the top 50 from that round of scoring will be included here on the blog for reader voting each of the weekdays (M-F) next week. So make sure that you come back to vote next week, each weekday a new batch of tops will be featured and be voted on.  And I’ll say this again since it bears repeating: each vote will last only ONE DAY, so if you’d like to vote on all the tops you’ll need to stop by on a regular basis.  

And if you still plan on entering a top, please remember that the pool will close this Friday, April 30 at 8 PM.  Make sure to read through the entry requirements carefully so that your top doesn’t get left out of the judging frenzy that will happen this weekend.  

Time to go sew!

15 thoughts on “A rainbow of tops

  1. WOw, they're all so pretty when they're lined up like that! I have absolutely loved being able to browse through and get inspiration. I bought a few pieces of fabric thanks to this contest, with new projects in mind.

  2. Oh Rae, I'm totally dropping the ball on this! I have to get my shirt wearable to enter it by the end of the week. Do you ever feel like you have so many things you want to make that you can't get to them all? That's how I feel right now! It's so frustrating!

    The tops that have been entered are great! So many creative women out there!

  3. what a pretty arrangement of tops and colors!

    I am seriously glad I stumbled upon this challenge! It's been so fun! Everyone has done a great job!

  4. This contest is great!
    What you are doing is VERY motivating for me.
    Thank you for the hard work!

  5. What a beautifull tops…. at the moment I'm too busy to enter unfortunately… hope i can enter next time…

  6. This is so inspiring, sewing myself was fun, but the real benifit for me so far has been discovering all these pretty models and fabric used by the other participants. I just love surfing around looking what they've done. And you present the tops in a lovely way. Thanks 🙂

  7. Lovely! The "Yellow Cherries" really caught my eye! I think I want one!
    Lots of great tops here!

  8. Hi, Miss Pelicano, the Yellow Cherries is mine–you just made my day! : ) Can't wait to see what else is in store…

    Thanks for the inspiration, Rae!

  9. ahhh I've got my top in and with one day to spare :))))) so happy i got it done had so much fun…. hope i get through to the public vote xx
    thanx for hosting this such a motivator!!!

  10. Thanks for sponsoring this inspiring contest Rae! I think I've had more fun looking @ other creative talents than even making my own tops:) Thanks again!

  11. i love the variety of tops! sizes, shapes, bellies, buttons, flowers, …they are all wonderful aren't they?

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