Behind the scenes at Spring Top Week

Just to give you a feel for the effort that’s happening here behind the scenes, in addition to the judges and sponsors, we also have a very capable set of moderators who are checking, stamping, and entering your tops.  So if you wondered who that person is who put the “entered!” stamp on your top or pestered you about putting your name in the title, they are:

Amber (who also put together an impressive moderator schedule to make sure we’ve got everything covered)

These women have been so on top of things (haha, no pun intended there!), pouncing on every new top that gets posted and whisking it off to the main spreadsheet.  It’s really made my life a breeze for the last couple of weeks.

In addition, my friend Myrnie is working as Spreadsheet Jockey, sending batches of tops out to the judges and helping to compile and sort all of the scores. If you can imagine how many bits of data must be juggled around here you can appreciate what a phenomenal help this is to me.  In a former life Myrnie was an accountant, so she is perfectly suited to the task, being both extremely efficient and intelligent. 

I also have a few more people who have generously offered to help out by putting together the photo mosaics for the Top 50 (which will be posted here on Made By Rae from May 3-7 so you can vote on them).  You’ll meet those people during Top Week. 

I’m pretty pleased with this setup; organizing and coordinating all of the little details for Spring Top Week really appeals to my physics-teacher side big time.  Also having so much fantastic help means I have more time to sew my tops.  Yaaay!

Thanks everyone!!!

6 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at Spring Top Week

  1. Holy cow, Rae and company. I can't believe what this has grown into. I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. whew! sounds like it is all set up very nicely – great job! happy to be participating this year! 🙂

  3. Whew! What a lot of work you all are putting into this fun competition for us! Thank you so much!

  4. I love the "Rae and Company" name for all of you talents folks who are putting in so much time for this challenge. Thank you to everybody!

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