Design my own shoes? Ack!!!

Here’s what I’ve been obsessed with lately.  I had seen Zazzle over a year ago and thought I’d try it someday, but seeing Heather Ross’ awesome shoes that she posted the other day really lit a fire under my rear.  Just wish I had half the design talent she has, but oh well.  These are all blog header graphics or fabric designs I’ve been meaning to get digitally printed, just uploaded onto a shoe. Anyway, you can make your own too (or buy these if you want).  You can even change the colors of the laces, trim, insoles…so much fun.  There goes YOUR spare time (hnah-hnah!).

26 thoughts on “Design my own shoes? Ack!!!

  1. Rae – I love them. Those are, by far, the coolest sneakers I've seen in a loooong time!

  2. those are crazy cute! I'll have to check it out. Of course my oldest would probably say I didn't design it right somehow (she has a way about doing that).

  3. Those are adorable! I love the bunnies and carrots–I changed the binding to bright orange and oh so delicious! I wish I wore sneakers because I think I'd be owning these. I may have to become a different person… 😉

  4. A friend of mine has some shoes on Zazzle that I want for Mother's Day! Isn't it cool? Her name is Elizabeth Foster and she has some really cute bluebird shoes…

    I like the shoes you designed! Are you going to have a pair made?

  5. Oh my, soooo cute! I was all ready to order some until I saw that most of them start at $60! Re-donk-u-lous for a pair of keds, in my opinion!

  6. Rae, I have a question… where did you learn your graphic design skills? Is it what you studied or did you buy Illustrator and teach yourself or something else?

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