I couldn’t help myself (another Pierrot Dress)

You might be thinking, shouldn’t she be sewing her own tops?  You know, for that Spring Thing happening soon?  I don’t know what happened.  Somehow another one appeared.  The red-striped tights needed something to go with them?  It’s just so hard to selfish-sew when you have a cute little goober to churn stuff out for.  And itty-bitty stuff, so it only takes ONE nap, instead of FOUR.

You might also be thinking, shouldn’t she at least strap said goober into her high chair?  And you know, that’s just what responsible parents would do.  We, obviously, are not those people.

Dress Details: The fabric is plain blue chambray from who-knows-where, the sort you can get anywhere.  The ruffle was serged to make it look fuzzy.  The pattern is mine, began as a tracing of a vintage baby bunting and ended up totally different, as a dress.  Also inspired by this pattern (I actually purchased the top in a 2T from Varenia last summer, knowing I was having a girl but before she released the pattern, which is for size 1T-6).  I’d love to make this baby version available, but who knows when I’ll find the time.  This version was not cut on the bias, and I’ve definitely decided I like the bias-cut version better, even if it does use more fabric.

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Spring Top Week is May 1-7.  Voting will begin on May 3.  Mark your calendars.
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Sidenote/Rant Warning: I am totally hating on Blogger right now for deleting ALL MY COMMENTS FROM FOREVER when I switched over to made-by-rae.com (click on any old post to see what I’m talking about).  Also, search (in the top left corner) no longer works (I can’t even search for “Ottobre”, which is one of MY LABELS).  And yes, I tried exporting/importing the blog and yes if I switch back to the old domain (madebyrae.blogspot.com) they all show up again.  I have a computer geek for a husband, for crying out loud.

Blogger, I am breaking up with you.  It’s not me, it’s you.

I’m thinking Moveable Type or Typepad or Squarespace?  I know some of you know way more than I do about this.  Email me or comment.  Please.

UPDATED:  Huh.  Comments seem to be working now.  You know how when you threaten to break up with someone and then they make all these promises to change and your heart softens?  Hmm. That seems to be happening a LITTLE..but I’m not completely happy yet, as my search still doesn’t work.  Let’s just say I’m still on the prowl.  Call me a cheater if you want, I don’t care.

31 thoughts on “I couldn’t help myself (another Pierrot Dress)

  1. hey i thought about moving to typepad too: i just dont want to lose all my old 'stuff'. can you carry it over i wonder? i am not satisfied with my blogger totally. i'll be watching to see what you discover!


  2. i was wondering where the comments went, i was making a buttercup bag and was trying to read the comments for any tips/pictures. good luck with the move

  3. What a hilariously CUTE moppet you have there! And such a beautifully dressed one: she clearly has a loving (if lackadaisickal about the safety factor, 😉 mom, but clearly that's only because said mom dotes on well-dressed moppet during each and every nanosecond said moppet is in high chair)

  4. I'm so going to read all the comments you get on this because I'm thinking of breaking up with blogger too.

    p.s. cute little dress!

  5. I am a WordPress gal all the way. It is the best blogging source code out there. It is also better if you install it on your own server and configure it yourself. But you'll have to find a web service provider as well.

  6. I love love love this dress and I think I might try and make my own version soon…I hope you make a pattern! She's such a cutie, no wonder you can't resist making tops for her! My cutie is about the same age and definitely in want of a new top too! One of these naps…

  7. OH MY GOSH. I'm officially in love. with all of it. Can she be any more adorable with that headband in her hair??
    Love the dress in chambray. Can you please make/sell a pattern for this? do it. do it. do it.

    Sorry you're in a breakup. Blogger, you suck.

  8. this dress is just adorable!! And that pattern could make a beautiful woman's top too, wouldn't it? I should be working on mine this weekend – at least take pictures of the ones I already made

  9. Clementine is such a darling and I adore her stripey tights and the dress you made for her!

    Blogger has been annoying me as of late too – nothing like losing all my comments, but the constant "issues" are getting out of hand.

  10. Super cute dress and even more cute baby :0) I just switched my design blog from wordpress to blogger because I am html illiterate and all of the easy online tutorials I could find were for blogger. So I hope it doesn't suck too bad! I have heard of others whose comments dissappeared with a .com switch only to reappear several days later…maybe wait it out and see if they find their way home before making the move. (?)
    Thanks for keeping up with your blog…you do great work!

  11. That dress is adorable and those striped tights are awesome! What a cute and lucky little girl you have!

    Sorry you are having so many problems with Blogger…I would break up with them too.

  12. I SO wish you would make a pattern for the dress!!!! I even found the fabric (red check) and bought that. Not sure I can make it as cute as yours! The model is so adorable!

  13. The dress is too adorable as is your little person. I recently switched from Blogger to WordPress and love love LOVE it. I'm NOT tech savvy at all and have found WordPress to be really easy to use. Wherever you go, we will follow – not in a creepy way 😉

  14. She is just too cute in that! I have been doing the same thing. I made my daughter two skirt outfit sets this week when I was planning on working on some tops for me. This weekend I'm all about the tops!

  15. Oh and my blog is WordPress. I started out with them and have been pretty happy with their interface for the 4+ years I've been with them.

  16. Please not typepad! I can only view typepad blogs really early in the morning. It seems to get overloaded and not be available in the middle of the day. Right when the babes are sleeping and us momma's need a little blog love!

  17. aaaggghhh, that is the cutest baby!!!!! oh, and the dress is nice, too… You should be proud of both.

  18. Ahhhh she's so stinkin' cute! Adorable! Thanks for sharing! We're down to one nap a day so I have to act fast if I want to get anything accomplished.

  19. I gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog today – thanks so much for inspiring me!

  20. I do so love this dress and am hoping you will make a pattern to share. I also enjoy the pictures of the little model, so cute!

  21. Clementine is ADORABLE personified.

    I love wordpress, but I know a lot of folks are totally into TypePad. Either way, I'll follow you around 🙂


  22. I agree with sewing for little-uns more than sewing for yourself!

    When people find out I sew my own things, they all say, "I envy your wardrobe!"

    but when I sorted it out the other day, most of it is jeans + t-shirts. Not even BAND t-shirts which is what Iw ould wear more of if I had them.

    Whereas little Vincent has about 20 pairs of pants and a ridiculous amount of tees + button-up shirts and 4 waistcoats ((really, 4 waistcoats? where is he going to wear them?)) because it's SO much easier to sew for him when he's down for a nap instead of sewing for myself.

    Although, now I really do need to make some more SPRING TOPS for myself 😀

  23. hallo is het mogelijk om het patroon van het fantastische jurkje met ruchekraagje te bekomen?

    Erika (uit België, mama van Oona 8mnd)

  24. I would also love to have a patern of the dress, it's way to cute!
    I just started with sewing and finished a little gilet from Mme. Zsazsa and it worked out pretty nice actually. Ít would be great if my second project could be the Pierrot dress!

  25. My daughter who is 10 loves to sew, so Santa brought her a sewing machine. She wants to make clothes for her build a bears, and I think your free newborn pants and dress patterns are a good place for her to start. Just wanted to thank you for the freebies, since I am recovering from the Christmas debt for 5 kids. Also wanted to tell you that your Pierrot dress is adorable!

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