Mommy Cards for Rae

Just have to show you these. I bought them all spur-of-the-moment one day a couple weeks ago and they arrived last week.  I’m pretty geeked.

I saw these at Sarah+Abraham and after discovering that you could custom build each child (hair, eye, skin color) I had to have them.  I guess I just love those little retro-cartoony faces.  Almost as cute as my babies themselves.  I should have put less hair on Clementine but whatevs, maybe it will grow in this summer and look just like that.  Her roots are threatening to be blond though so we’ll see.  

These would have made a great Mother’s Day gift but I already have a list about a mile long for Mr Rae. Fabric, patterns, chocolate, jewelry…

The childless me would have died if told one day I would have these, defined by my CHILDREN rather than myself?  But you know what, that’s exactly how moms at library story time, Kindermusik and the park all think of me.  They can never remember my name, but they always remember I’m Elliot and Clementine’s mom. And I couldn’t be prouder to be associated with these two cuties.  Being mom to these two is one of my proudest accomplishments and blessings.

Someday when I have more free time I won’t cover up the phone number so you guys can give me a call and we’ll chat, OK?  If you run into me at the park though, be sure to ask for my card.  I need to get rid of all these before my kids look different.

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  1. These are super adorable! But the thing that caught my eye was the 734 area code. Are you in the Ann Arbor area? I live in Ypsilanti and never realized you were so close!

  2. Oh my…I never in a million years would would come up with this idea. What a saver for time by having a card instead of having to write our digits down everytime we see a parent or teacher. They are absolutely adorable πŸ™‚

  3. What a great idea……I love it. Your children would really reall have fun about it some day……..

  4. Those are so cute! I've been looking for a cute calling card since my son started kindergarten last August. I'm in love with these, I'm totally doing to have to get some of these!

  5. Rae, these are so sweet. I LOVE the illustrations…so simple. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing your feelings about being a mom, too. I am grateful to be mom to my four…I still can't believe I HAVE four…and wouldn't have it any other way.

  6. these are so lovely….. my boy's are my life i will have to go check the site out!!! x thanx for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. those are super cute! If only they had them for 4 kids…. I love the other things on this site though!

  8. Oh my goodness! How adorable are these. That is a great idea.

    My former self would roll over in her grave at this thought…but I love the idea now; so practical and cute!

  9. Super cute – what a great idea:)

    And I cant beieve how much they actually look like your two.

  10. OMG – Love these cards. Just ordered a set. Thanks for the link up! Love your blog by the way!

  11. Those are awesome! When my son was going to preschool the parent's didn't recognize me but his friends would always say "hi Tristan's mom!" Love the last 2 sentences,
    "If you run into me at the park though, be sure to ask for my card. I need to get rid of all these before my kids look different."
    Totally laughed (because I'd probably think/do/say the same thing).

  12. i love the cards, unfortunately i live in switzerland, so can't order any. i like how you don't mind now to be defined through your kids (at least in kids areas like playground…).
    there is a major discussion going on here in the newspaper (via letters) 'mothers versus childless women'. i never realised there was so much conflict/hate between the two groups. apparently (they say) that mum's are smug and non-mums are harderworking. not so sure about that. since i had my twins i often wished i could just go back to nine to five and be done with work for the day. but i love being a mum and i think it is great that you, too, love it and express it by way of those cards. parenting is a job, too πŸ™‚
    enough ranting now πŸ™‚
    love your blog, i read it almost every day.

  13. I'm one of those weird Mums that actually doesn't mind being "Holly's Mum" to everyone. I've had a few snarky comments directed at me over the years when I've said something to "Bailey's Mum" or whatever. Y'know the type, you get *that* look and a "My name is…." from them. I don't define myself through my child – I'm a working Mum, so I wear a few hats – but the fact remains I AM a Mum and I'm not offended by being referred to as one.

    *climbs off the soapbox*

    Your cards are SUPER cute. Almost as cute as the actual kids. *thinks* Naaaaah….

  14. Oh how adorable! I have been proud to be my parents' daughter, my husband's wife, my sister's sister and my children's mother. How fun would it be to give these out to fellow parents! I'm going now to check out where you found these.:)

  15. Those are so cute…thanks for sharing them! How very true they are, too. We are totally defined by being our kids' mom, and it is great to have that so people know your actual name LOL!

  16. Those are SO cute. I have no kids and those ALMOST make me want kids so that I can get super cute cards made. πŸ˜‰

  17. 2 thumbs up! I carry my mommy cards with my business cards. Like you I never thought I would be proud to define myself as my children's mom, but to me it's the best title I've got. Mine are not as cute as yours tho.

  18. Those are cute, but I have to agree with Maggie. The area code caught my eye, too. I grew up outside in Dexter and use that area code often!

  19. I think those are absolotely lovely! That's why it's so special being a mum! Your kids mean everything to you and that's how it should be! Soon enough they'll be growing beards and leaving home, so we might as well make the most of it! I'm a mum too, of two boys, hence the beard thing…

  20. Love them! I wish they had a bob option for girl hair though. My daughter and some of other girls at her school have little bobs.

  21. Rae,
    Love these cards. A few years back I was in a park with my kids and my daughter made a new friend who's mommy whipped out a "calling card" for future play dates. I loved the idea and had some made up (not as cute as these), and ever since it has been much easier for me to approach other moms in the park. It's been a great way for me to connect with other parents of children the same age as mine that live in my neighborhood. Come to think of it…I need new cards made because I'm now toting three kids to the park!

  22. I love the idea of Mommy Cards! And I also recognized that area code for the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area! I live in Jackson, and never knew you were this close! Love your blog!! πŸ™‚

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